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The Perfect Storm || Spell-triggering Spellblade with Mana Strike

Can i get that loot filter? :slight_smile:

Here’s my all-purpose filter: Main Filter.xml (111.1 KB)

You need to adjust it to your needs, though. Here are the main things to adjust:

  • The item bases (recolored in yellow): choose the item base you want, as well as the affixes, and the total tier of said affixes (the lower the total tier required, the more items you’ll see).
  • The rare-affixes items to be shattered:
    In emphasized light green, the affixes you want to see even if they’re only tier 1 (I recommend only the “+1 to […]” affixes for your main skill if you don’t have any shard yet);
    In regular light green, the very important affixes (I recommend all “+1 to […]” of useful skills, as well as useful class-specific affixes);
    In dark green, the other useful affixes you want to target (usually, all the class-specific affixes, as well as penetration affixes).
    Similar to the item bases, you can adjust the total tier required to choose how many of those items you see; the lower the total tier required, the more permissive the rule is, and the more items you will see. And the other way around, the higher the total tier required, the stricter the rule is, and the fewer items you’ll see (but they’ll be better).
  • The common-affixes items to be shattered: recolored in white, you only need to turn the rule on if you need some common shards, like resistances, movement speed, etc.
  • Idols: change the rule that emphasizes idols with good affixes and list the affixes you’re mainly looking for.

That’s about it. Let me know if something isn’t clear. :slight_smile:

I recently picked up the game and this is my first build. Have been doing pretty well, but leveling was a little rough until I got surge, which went from “decent” before surge to “kills everything 5+ levels ahead of me.”

I did change a few things from the build:

  • I buffed Surge’s damage so that it could be a consistent burst option, at the cost of 1 point in Shocking Blows, 1 in Effluence and all of Longstrider by moving the points over to Storm Battery (3 points) and Insulation (3 points) to deal up to 60% more damage and get up to 120 ward when using Surge after getting up to 6 hits during its cooldown.

  • Moving 1 point from Lightning Blast’s Surging Influence to Mortal Capacitor for the Spark Charge damage really helped more for boss fights while seeming to not show any changes for mobs, so that might be a good suggestion.

I also tried using Culnivar’s Claim from 50-68, but I noticed that if my mana hit full just before I needed to use Surge or Flame Ward, I would be susceptible to a ton of hurt if I didn’t regenerate the mana fast enough (and I couldn’t because of the lack of crits on Mana Strike). It could probably work with some passive changes and less reliance on Mana Strike for damage, but I’m not big brain enough for that yet.


I mainly used Surge as a movement skill, but taking out the Longstrider nodes could indeed make it a powerful burst skill. I’ll give it a try, thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

I’ll try that out as well.

That’s an interesting idea, I didn’t think of that. Of course the “I reached low mana when I needed [insert skill]” thing will always be an unavoidable problem, I feel like it’s still worth trying to make it work while levelling, the ward it gives must be decent!

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