The ABSOLUTE UNFAIRNESS of locking offline players out of cosmetics

Based on your reply I can see no matter what explanation you are given, you won’t be happy. Good luck getting cosmetics to offline mode, hopefully they decide that it’s better just to provide them, it doesn’t affect my purchase at all.

And yeah, in the future try not to misquote and ignore someone’s post just because you disagree with the statement.

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Yeah I overstepped a bit, I shouldn’t reply before going to bed late at night. My apologies.


Let me see if I can sum up everything here.

Offline mode will be 100% offline, and if MTX were available in fully offline mode, then someone could unlock all MTX via a mod and show off their MTX to … um… absolutely no one… while also using a character editor to give themselves perfect gear which … has no effect on the ladder anymore… so… sorry, why do we care if players hack all the MTX in fully offline mode again?

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This is probably under the assumption that players who typically play offline but care more about having access to cosmetics decide to play online instead, so that they’re able to make use of them. In that instance EHG would actually lose money if they were to make it easier to get access to those MTX in offline mode and them being unlockable by “hacks”. Whether that scenario is realistic and common enough to have a significant impact is debatable.

No, that would not be how it would work at all. You can’t hack MTX offline and then use them online. Online would use the MTX on the server that you bought, not something off of your PC that you could have hacked.

What? I never implied anything like what you seem to read into my post. Obviously you can’t influence a server to accept data you modified locally in a server-authoritative environment (that easily). That is not even close to what I tried to explain here.

All I basically said is that, in the current environment, players that normally play offline, might decide to play online in case of LE if cosmetics aren’t available offline, because they may be more interested in the cosmetics than in all the upsides of an offline mode. Thus EHG makes money with these additional customers.
But if EHG were to make these cosmetics available in offline mode and they would become “hackable” (again, in offline mode, and not making them magically appear online as well) then EHG would make less money - or lose money, depending on your perspective - compared to scenario 1 above.
And with the last sentence of my previous post I tried to imply that this is just a theory, and a possible reason why some people (incl. EHG) care about offline players “hacking” stuff, and might not be realistic at all.

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Oh, I get you now. Sure, that’s definitely a possibility. But I’m not sure how many people both want MTX and also want no one to see the MTX.

As an enthusiastic gamer with some understanding of software development, let’s have a frank discussion about the prospect of offline MTX in the game.

Firstly, yes, MTX are primarily online-focused, requiring an active internet connection for the purchase and activation process.

However, could MTX be made available offline? Let’s ponder this:

  • Games can be modded, and people already find ways to introduce custom skins, pets, etc. By offering legitimate offline MTX, developers could potentially earn revenue from this desire for customization. They could leverage this natural tendency towards game modification, and turn it into a valid income stream.
  • What players do offline shouldn’t be a big concern to the developers from a business standpoint. If a player finds a way to hack skins offline, it doesn’t affect the game’s economy unless they bring those assets online.

A technically plausible solution could involve an encryption-based system:

  • All potential MTX assets could be included in the game download, but encrypted.
  • When a player purchases an MTX offline, they are essentially buying the decryption key specific to that asset.
  • The game decrypts the relevant asset for offline use, with no need for an online check.

Some challenges remain, such as how to synchronize offline purchases once the player goes online again, but these could be surmountable with the right system architecture. Piracy is a concern, yet if players were going to hack assets anyway, why not provide a legitimate, revenue-generating alternative?


Agree that offline mode should be 100% offline, so that game can be played with zero internet.

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i never said it is not possible… i find it strange that people scream WE NEED FULL OFFLINE and when they get it others scream WE NEED ONLINE SO WE CAN GET MTX and than go back offline. that just seems funny to me.

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you’re thinking too complicated.
All the MTX assets are already included in your local files just like every other asset, because you’d need them if somebody else (online) was using one.
All that is needed is a flag saying that you own something. ATM it seems to contact the server for that info, so it would only need a local copy of that info that is used in offline mode.

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Decided a long time ago, I think is the key take away from your comment. How many new players that got no say in that are playing today? Is there some stone tablet that this decision was carved into?

Not everyone in this thread were present when the offline decision was reached. Last Epoch has grown since then, I’m guessing by a lot.

I’m actually one of the Folks who “backlashed” at the Idea of having not an “real” offline Mode. Also quite often asked in the past what is going on about the offline Mode because EHG went silent on it for awhile, really nagging at them…wven still cautious if they geniunly deliver that. And i stick to this point and opinion for 100%. Especially now that i ironically find myself in a Situation without an internetconnection in the past 3 month, neither being able to play diablo 2 ressurrection because of its stupid 2 weeks authentication token concept nor could i enjoy diablo 4 if i wanted to.

I would never dismiss the. Importancy of cosmetics completly as someone who experienced how shitty it feels if you play for you play for 100 hours and still look like a mere peasant like in BDO where the only way to look decent and show some visuall progress was via pricey mtx. So i can see how people value cosmetics (even linked to mtx again but thats besides the point), and also the fact how popular these days transmog system are should point out there is some valuein cosmetic,visual appearance. However that being said even with that in mind it doesnt outvalue an proper true and real offline mode, and if cosmetics mtx are the lost tradeoff i gladly take it. Because while you might have fun with being fance for stuff you spent money on… how valuable are they if you lose them completly because of them having to shutdown servers and you might not only be able to enjoy the mtx anymore anyway…you also might not be able to enjoy the game at all because the shop auth / partly offline mode will kill the playbility. With true offline you can than atleast enjoy the game.

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