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Summon Wraith - Covenant of Souls + Twin Spirits

The Covenant of Souls node of Summon Wraith has no effect if Twin Spirits is selected.
As worded, it seems like these should work together. If this is WAI, then a text change is needed to clarify the intended (lack of) interaction.

Are you still having issues with this node?

I just popped on to respec and check - yes, these two nodes still have this (non)interaction, Covenant of Souls does not increase the number of Wraiths you can control when Twin Spirits is selected and neither node indicates that should be the case.

Covenant of Souls increases the number of maximum Wraiths you can have at a time. Echoes Inside just allows you to create 3 Wraiths at a time per cast. These nodes really don’t do anything for each other past that. Is the confusion that Covenant of Souls would allow Echoes Inside to cast 4 Wraiths at a time?

the question was about twin spirits, not echo, twin spirit is the non decay node that reduces max wraiths to 2

Zarano beat me to the answer, but yeah - this was about Twin Spirits. I would expect either for Covenant of Souls to increase Twin Spirits maximum from 2 to 4 or for one of the two (or both preferably) to say that Twin Spirits’ maximum can’t be increased if that’s how it’s supposed to work (although I think the investment of so many points to go from 2 to 4 should be allowed, but that’s subjective opinion).

Ah. I apologize. Thank you, Zarono for the clarification. I’m merging bug reports in my head, haha. Let me look into this and get back to you.

Twin Spirits maximum limit cancels out Covenant of Souls bonus. I can see how this can be
unclear, we can add alt text to clarify that these nodes don’t work together.