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Summon Wolf sometimes fails to be replaced with Howl

Sometimes summoning the max number of wolves does not cause the skill to change into howl. When this bug occurs (it is rare, but I last observed it on 2019/05/17), it takes a lot of finagling to get the howl to reappear. The last time I fixed it by unsummoning all my wolves and then resummoning them. I’ve noticed it with a max of one wolf and a max of three. I’ve also observed this bug with the tiger. I finally decided to give up finishing the campaign before posting this feedback thread as a result of this bug. I can’t get howl to appear no matter what I do today. I’ll wait for a fix.

Sorry about this! A log file from when this occurs would be helpful.

Just to confirm, this happens despite you summoning the maximum amount of wolves you are allowed, and you have enough companion slots for all companions?

Yes, the maximum can be one or the maximum can be three. I’ve encountered the bug under both scenarios.

I don’t understand your second question about companion slots.

What’s frustrating is that I have no idea how to reproduce it, even though it’s difficult for me (impossible for me today) to get rid of it when it does occur.

I’ll try and find that log file now, since all I’ve done today was log in to the game twice, and both times summon 3 wolves once or twice and then give up and log out.

Edit: I was about to post the log here, but it’s huge, and I can’t get [spoiler]xyz[/spoiler] to work. Is there another way to set a spoiler tag?

If it’s too big to add as a file attachment you can upload it elsewhere and link to it. Thanks!

I see. I didn’t realize you could upload the file itself. Still getting used to this forum.

Will do so now.

output_log.txt (55.8 KB)

Incidentally, there is no need to apologize. Finding bugs like this is the purpose of a beta. :sunglasses:

Could it be the same issue I found?

It’s too specific to really be accidental multiple times, but maybe you shift around your skills a lot?

I do change my skills around while leveling up, but this problem occurs immediately upon logging in.

Here is a screenshot. Three wolves is my current maximum. As you can see, Howl cannot be cast. If I cast the wolf spell in this state, it will only replace one of my current wolves.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, and I don’t see an error logged on your end.

The only times I see the Summon Wolf not be replaced with Howl is when I don’t have the maximum number of wolves out or if I reassign the Summon Wolf skill.

Hopefully I can find this soon.

One of the wolves is enabled by a unique amulet that gives +1, if that helps narrow things down.

I have the opposite problem where summoning only produces 1 wolf and icon changes to Howl.

I should be able to summon 2 wolves as I have Artors Legacy equipped. This helmet just dropped in the ship after killing the boss there.
I have tried re-logging and removing and adding the skill to no avail.

Character passive is 20 Primalist/21 Druid

Tried to upload file but advised new users cant upload files.

My beastmaster character has this helmet but summons 2 wolves as expected

What equipment/passives do you have which enable 2 additional wolves?

Remember, the max companions and the max wolves are considered separate. By default, if you have equipment/passives which enable 1 additional companion (beyond the basic 2) but none which enable additional wolves (beyond the basic 1) then you will be able to summon 3 companions, only 1 of which can be a wolf.

Artor’s Legacy does not enable an additional wolf; it enables an additional companion. For that additional companion to be a wolf, you need a source of additional wolves as well. Make sense?

Many thanks for the prompt reply.
It does indeed make sense.

I have transferred The Fang from my shaman and I can now summon 2 wolves as well as my tree.

Update: Upon placing one point into Rise of the Wild, and then casting a 4th wolf, I was finally able to cast Howl.

To reproduce this bug, you should probably fool around with different combinations of max-increasing skills and/or items. (Players cannot do so easily.)

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