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Suggestions by an Experienced Player

Hello Devs , i want to do some suggestions about the game , hoping you will consider them.
here is the list :slightly_smiling_face: :

  1. Raise the camera , too many mobs and skill mobs aggroing out of screen , the fastest and easier solution is to raise the camera.

  2. Fix the Fake loading screen , or give me the possibility to PAUSE the game if playing alone , my hc char died while in loading screen yesterday

  3. don’t reset the map if go town , just let me right click the section in the map screen , and let me intentionally create a new istance for the map section

  4. let be more skills playable end game , like acid flask , i love it and dammit i can’t do a build around it because the dmg sucks for leveling

  5. trade market for players?

  6. Raid/World Bosses for multy/Guild Activity?

  7. The game feels like lightning/fire dmg affixes drops way MORE then other suff/aff…(like necrotic/poison/phys/spell modifiers)

  8. Lock the unique modifiers value , and give us the possibility to upgrade modifiers , so if a day we will drop another unique of the same type , we can still try to ROLL it higher and better

  9. GUILDS , do usefull stuff about guilds , like guild missions , where people can get limited time buffs , dropping guild currency , imagine a new world around guilds!!! dont’ make this another Arpg where there is multy and noone play with others. this can be solved lowering the mobs dmg , lowering the players dmg , and taking a road where someone must be a support , and someone must be a tank , and someone must be a dps. this is simple to do , just erase the oneshot rule when you play in multy. otherwise you get the soup that you ate for years , one player is OP he kills everything and the others walks behind him watching HIM oneshotting everything

and 10.when in dialogue with an npc let us choose the answer with 1 2 3 4 5. faster.

Lots of these have been discussed in the forums, game roadmaps and on discord… a lot of them have their own threads - sometimes with hundreds of posts and dev interaction… I would recommend searching the forums if you want to participate in the more critical ones like trade etc.

specific comments

  1. Raise the camera… sounds simple, but it all depends on how the devs have made the game environment - it might be impossible to do this without knock on effects on virtually every game map etc

  2. Not sure what you mean by Fake loading screen… if you mean the time wormhole one? that has been requested many times by many people… Pause… again, another usual request - but its likely to depend heaviliy on the changes coming in the Multiplayer version…

  3. Reset map - this is a known issue related to map persistance that will be changed when the Multiplayer version is launched.

  4. End-game skills - the devs have been revamping skills and passive trees with every large patch - its an ongoing thing… Rogue was only added a few patches ago and its likely that it will get a turn once some of the older skills on other classes have been updated… Sentinel just had a major revamp and unless I am mistaken Primalist is next…

  5. Trade - HUGE and complicated threads about this - dont even need to search for them and no point in discussing here.

  6. The devs have confirmed that there will be NO content that cannot be completed in a single player or in online multiplayer with a single character… So raid bosses etc are not likely… Guilds is something that has not been ruled out or confirmed by the devs… It has been discussed a few times wrt Multiplayer & Trading…

  7. Affixes drop more… this depends on the characters class you are playing… AND if you have any bonusses active from Monolith of Fate blessings… e.g. if you play Sentinel you are likely to get more 2h drops than if you play a Mage… If you have a Shield Affix bonus then you are likely to get more shield related affixes… I expect that you are likely to get more necro if you play Acolyte, more poison if you play Rogue etc…

  8. Not entirely sure what you mean by this.

  9. As above, Guilds havent been specifically confirmed or discussed in any detail that I can recall… They are not on the roadmap for launch, but that doesnt mean that the devs havent considered them for future releases.

  10. Suppose this couldnt hurt…

Not unusual at all. Many have spoken about it and how pointless it is after the first two times. It’s literally a waste of time from the perspective that nothing is happening during that time. It’s just ‘watch this for a moment, then we’ll load the next area’.

Either use the wormhole to load, or just show it at the first few portals at the start of a new character. imo anyway.

Good points all around!

edit: assuming there is no actual point. If there is one, I do not know of it.

Not as easy as you’d think. Mike Weicker, a senior developer for the game, described the challenges this would present during a developer Q&A, and lets just say it would require a lot of work to do.

If you died during the teleport loading screen then that’s a bug and should be reported in the Bug Reports section of the forum. You’ll want to include the game’s log file as well.

This is currently a technical limitation that will be resolved around the time multiplayer is implemented, and will apply to both offline and online modes.

Multiplayer isn’t yet implemented, but you can read about their current plans for multiplayer (and trade) in this Multiplayer FAQ.

There are no current plans for implementing guilds prior to launch. If they do implement guilds it would be after launch.

i mean , that i was fighting mobs in hardcore , i had to go to bathroom , i pressed T , teleported to city , and in the loading screen i was hearing the mobs hitting me. . i arrived in town , dead. I only realized i died during the next login in the game , i red “ghost”. Neither the game notified me the death in that moment. I just died WHILE i was tping to town.
i repeat it , I was hearing the mobs hitting me in the LOADING SCREEN.

For the other comments , chill boys , just some personal suggestions to improve the game and make it unique. trust me , i actually love the game , but trust me , i experienced a lot of stuff in my life , game-life and irl , even did artist director and lots of stuff about this. the motto is “small-HUGE changes make the difference”

how can i consult myself the log file? what should i search for to find where and how i died? (not asking where to find the log file… :wink: )

That’s a bug, while you’re loading/zoning you should be immortal.

About the teleport to town while taking damage. Other games usually solve by not letting you open a portal at all while in combat. If they allow portaling out when you are about to die as a way to save yourself, then that seems like an exploit. Why even play Hardcore if you are just going to “cheat” out of dying? This is just as bad as the logout macros in PoE.

I’m not saying you were trying to do this, but it does bring up the subject.

i just had to go to the bathroom bro ^^’ , or maybe answer the phone , or maybe my dog is destroying my sofa , or my son is climbing a chair , or the coffee is ready so i have to put off the gas… just normal “human needs”…that force me to take a lil pause from farming.

BTW , i always played ARPG in hardcore and i’m used to die and start again. never been a problem diying “normally”

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That’s why I wasn’t accusing you of doing it. I think a pause would be a great addition for solo play. I just think allowing the portal thing would open up exploitive play. There will always be a large number of people looking to exploit whatever they can.

yè yè , all fine bro. now i know it , and my next HC char won’t die by this , ofc this put on me a little stress , like i have to worry about much things before starting a map…

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