[SPOILER] The Entire Story of Last Epoch (So Far)

I would be surprised if thats not Orobyss, literally serpent in the abyss. A reference to “Oroboros”, a symbol present in pretty much every culture, it symbolises life and death in ever reoccuring cycles.

As Gaspar says this, but without explanaition: The Immortal Empire brings life and death out of balance and causes Orobyss to corrupt, eventually “ending the timeline”. But that is only what we eterrestrial beings interpret as the end. In the End of Time you can also see tiny new potential Orobysses flying around and one of them looks particularly potent. They will start the next cycle. (Just realized the games seasons are called cycles lol) The Ancient Era looks very similar to the End of Time, floating islands, the monoliths are there and its all dragons as direct descendants of Orobyss.

One thing I’d like to point out is while you’re going through the Osprix haunted location, you can find a dig site by the Immortal Empire except all of them died as the void devoured all that kept them going, It called out in their hearts to give up, give in, and embrace non-existence. The Osprix avoided it for this reason, and none of them escaped. The obvious thought is they hoped a titan was down there, but instead opened some sort of imprisoned void. If you gaze into the hole, it’s filled with that familiar purple glow.

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Thanks a lot for your awesome work!

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WOW thanks so much for this Angelcrest, I can’t wait to read through your entire summary later today <3

If it adds any value at all, during my first in depth lore playthrough pre-launch I included screenshots of every dialogue in the game for future reference:

If interested!

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