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Speeding up Corruption for 2nd Characters

Hey all,
I’ve been pushing up to 400 Corruption with my Rogue and in my Opinion it feels a bit too slow to progress because my build still feels strong.
Also im starting to feel a bit bored of the build but the thought of pushing corruption again is a bit daunting for me at the moment and I’ve been thinking how it could be sped up.
Maybe a somewhat rare drop from Orobyss or high corruption echo rewards that award corruption. Echo rewards could replace XP rewards for LVL 100+ Chars for example and award an appropriate amount. To me this would give me a feeling of being rewarded for pushing and increase my enjoyment of new builds.

There have been many discussions about this on the forum. Here’s one:

Maybe you could find a recent one and bring your thoughts, all feedback is welcome!

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