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Soulfire Bastion (Profane Flesh & Siege Golem)

I have noticed 2 things in the Soulfire Bastion but I’m not sure of they are actually bugs.

The first one would be that the Profane Flesh type enemies (I think they’re called Infernal Flesh) can stun you even if you have the fire shield which makes them deal no damage to you.

The second one is that the Siege Golem type enemies (Necrotic Golem or something like that) don’t have a fixed attack speed for their big charged AoE Siege attack. Sometimes it takes them well over 2 seconds to fire and sometimes around 0.5 seconds which can make it extremely hard to react. Maybe that’s intended, maybe it’s a visual bug, I don’t know.

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Not sure on the stun issue as I dont think i have noticed it but I can confirm that the Necrotic AoE does seem like its timing is unpredicatable - hard to say for sure without hauling out the stopwatch and testing but I think you are correct… I just thought it was intended tho…

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It’s hard to know if there is a bug. It would be helpful with video clips and to know what the enemy mods were.

After watching McFluffins video on the dungeons, I realised what I personally was seeing regarding the Necrotic attack timings… McFluffin has a short section showing some bizzare off screen and secondary “bubble” “bouncing” necrotic attacks that happen really fast without much telegraph that are exactly what I was experiencing and misinterpretting them as the timings on the attacks I “could” see - i.e. I thought they were originating from one mob but actually from others…

I still have not experienced the stun issue from the OPs post tho.

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I believe the stun from infernal flesh is due to that attack being both fire and phys. I’ve noticed that I still take damage to that attack even with fire shield (although much less), so I’m pretty sure it does a bit of phys in there as well.

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I’m pretty sure you are correct.
I’m currently running Soulfire Bastion and noticed this aswell.

Also, it seems like the Siege Golems do their big attack with the ballista on their back and right after that another one with some kind of round projectile, it’s kind of hard to tell.
Both attacks have a ground indicator which to me look pretty similar.
This means that after the first slow attack they will immediately follow up with the second attack and both use (the same?) ground indicator but the second one comes out way faster (and also deals a shitload of damage).

Edit: I finally figured out how the Siege Golem attack works… when they do the ballista attack the “projectile” will have an initial hit and then bounce once towards you for a second hit. So basically everything seems to work as intended.

The second attack is a bounce directly off of the first attack. It took us quite a while to figure it out. The only way to avoid it is to start running when the first telegraph happens and not stop until the bounce explosion hits.

Edit: Whoops, I should definitely read the entire post before replying…

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