Sorc build help for a Last Epoch filthy casual

Let me preface this request for help with the fact that I have played this game off and on for a while but not ever for any prolonged time. Every time I come back I am lost and have no coherent thoughts on what I’m trying to do or how to do it. Especially when I try to build on whatever coherent thoughts I had the last time I played (if I had any at all). I’m also not the best at these types of games because there are so many variables to consider that it gets confusing.

With all that said I have a 59 Sorc. I am sort of stuck at the Majasa fight. The second phase is a bit brutal but I don’t think my gear is that good and maybe my build or skill selection isn’t that good. I don’t really care about the Majasa fight specifically as that’s not the intent of this post. I can farm or do other things so I just want to improve on that first before worrying about that fight.

I’m primarily using Elemental Nova for damage but also using Ice Barrage and Fireball. I’m also using Teleport and Flame Ward. The main ability I want to use is Elemental Nova but not sure if I’m using it or building around it effectively. Does anyone know of any builds they can refer me to that uses that primarily?

Hello fellow filthy casual!

I too dip in and out so I too get a little lost when I come back, what I find easier is to focus on one type of damage because even if I don’t recall what was my idea, by looking at my gear and loot filter helps me get an idea at least, with the added bonus of being easier to gear when you focus on one type of damage.

As you explained you are using mostly Elemental Nova, did you specialized on any type of the 3 elements it has?? If not, maybe it’s a good idea to choose one and match your other skills with the same element to boost them as well (like fire so you can still do good damage with Fireball).

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Thanks for the reply. No I didn’t specialize. I specifically chose skills to avoid specializing so that the Nova would be powerful with different elements and not just one. Maybe not the best strategy but was trying to use it in it’s default form. I have focused on elemental damage where I can instead of specific elements. I also thought that would be an interesting interaction with Dragon Mage passive. The idea being that Nova using different elements will trigger the bonuses for Dragon Mage but I’m not even sure if it’s actually working like I think.

As for the loot filter. I almost find that more confusing than anything else. I think I have it set up properly but not sure.

I was sort of hoping someone knew of a fully thought through build using this skill that I could look at to compare what I have and maybe cheat some of the knowledge from but apparently nobody does!

If you pick all 3 “use X nova” nodes then it will rotate randomly between elements but it should do that quickly enough to keep Dragon Mage “fully proc’d”.

Yeah, the default Nova uses all 3 elements on each cast, if you take multiple of the “use X Nova” nodes then each Nova will only be a single element but which one is chosen will be randomly chosen.

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You could find some premade like this post where they have a basic filter for all classes:


@Sinven could also have a look at my guide how loot filters fundamentally work.

While I appreciate everyone using my filters, I always encourage people trying to understand the filter system.

This is slightly outdated as they already added some more advanced functionalities, but it still work for the fundamentals.

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