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Smite cannot proc on throwing attack hits against allies

This might be intended, I’m not sure, but if you take Aegis in the Shield Throw tree and try to use a keen idol for Smite procs Smite will not proc on hits dealt to allies. The wording on aegis specifies that it is a hit, and the wording on the idol makes it seem like it should be able to proc on any throwing attack hit.

That’ll be intended since Smite is a damaging skill that requires an enemy target. The Smite idols only allow you to not have to manually target mobs but automate the “casting” process a bit, it won’t circumvent the “requires an enemy target” bit.

llama is correct. Smite needs an enemy target by default, hence why the Keen idols do not proc on the dummy in EoT, it’s not marked as an enemy.

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Naturally. :wink:

Well this is awkward because the keen idols do proc smite against the dummy in EoT

Ah yes sorry, I am thinking of Keen idols and Axe Thrower passive which needs a enemy target to proc.

Yes, Keen idols themselves do work if proceed on a dummy with throwing skills directly.