Skills points are gone after de-specialize!

Hello, I don’t know if this is working as intending. But I would hope not. I would never play again if this is the case. I used de-specialize feature to get different skills. Well when I went to choose new skills, it never gave me my skill points back. Have to earn them back or something. Please tell me this is not true… Been trying to get them back for over hour now, only have maybe 11 per each. This is on my character Phyghter.

Yes it is intended, for the early game it will take a bit, but in the end game content, and lv 50ish, you can get them back pretty quickly.

This is not a bug - but it is also not how the system will work in future. It’s the implementation we went with for the game’s pre-alpha demos very early on in development, and we’ll be changing how respecialization works during the game’s beta.
I’m going to move this thread to Feedback and Suggestions as it’s not a bug.

Take a look here: Respeccing is painful, punishes new players for not knowing what to pick early on - #24 by Yenn

This is what Mox said:

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