Skill point reset?

How can I reset skill points?
Is it irreversible?

Click “Despecialize” in top left corner of the skill you want to respec, you will have to completely level the skill again to make changes though.

Why do you set it like this? Re-practice your skills

Tbh i quite like the way it is. It makes you think carefully & plan before you spec into skills.


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Yes. Planning your build is fantastic but it is made quite hard since many skill are locked behind a level requirement and you cant see those skill trees in order to find skill synergies.

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Although, one glaring problem here is that some skill interactions through the node tree require testing in order to evaluate their viability—meaning there isn’t always an option to merely look at the tree & min-max the best possible route beforehand.

Case in point would be the interaction between the “Brittle Legion” & “Dread Phalanx” nodes in the Acolyte’s Summon Skeleton tree:

•Brittle Legion: Adds 1 to your maximum number of skeletons…

•Dread Phalanx: Halves maximum number of skeletons, rounded up…

While you have Dead Phalanx, 2/3 points into Brittle Legion increases your max # of skeletons to 3, yet investing 3/3 points into Brittle Legion does absolutely nothing. I’m currently having to wipe my entire Summon Skeleton tree at lvl 19 in order to respec & correct for that. And the real issue here is that my main source of dps is summon skeletons, so not only am I having to wipe them at level 19, but I also have to backtrack far enough in the campaign for my level 1 Skeletons to be able to do anything.

I think this is a cool idea to have around down the road once the skill trees are perfected & made easier to understand. But as of right now, it’s just an unnecessary barrier put in front of people who are trying to test builds.

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