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Singular Purpose and Void Aegis mislabeled requirements

Being very brief on this one, as it’s probably just a code doesn’t match the graphics problem. Accidently clicked Singular Strike with only 3 in Woe, but it learned it. Afterwards I respec’d fully out of Woe, and could keep Singular Purpose. Played around a bit more with the tree and Void Aegis seems to have the same problem, not requiring Future Mind.

(screenshot from initial point in Singular Purpose)

You don’t have to meet the requirements of both Woe and Rot Grip, just one of them to put points into Singular purpose.

Here in this screenshot you fully met the requirements, Rot Grip has 4 points invested therefore you are able to invest into Singular purpose.

That’s intentional? Well, time to look through all my builds and see if I’ve been throwing extra points at stuff. Weird that it seemed obvious with skill passives that I only needed one path unlocked to continue, but didn’t click with class passives. Maybe just because it’s fairly rare on the passive trees.

Thank you for explaining it.

Yes it is intentional. It’s to allow players to pick two ways of specing to get to the second node.