Shtrak passed away

I didn’t know shtrak well but I did see him around a lot being helpful giving his thoughts. There we often times even got me to think about perspectives that I miss. As far as I’m concerned lost a valuable member. Send my regardless and heartfelt wishes to his family and friends.

<3 QuietForMe


His sister was on the discord and let everyone know. Very thoughtful thing for her to do and it showed how much the game and community meant to him.

Such a heartbreak. Stand up guy. I read a number of his posts both past and present when I came back to the game last month.

Good soul. Rest in Peace.



I don’t know anything about him, but from my little interactions in the forum last year, I’d say he’s a great guy. He’s quite helpful to the newbies.


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This makes me sad. Thanks for letting us know.


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I only read some of his posts, didn’t know him but it is sad news when any contributing member of a community such as ours passes on. At least we can hope that there’s no evil Win10/11 in Heaven and he can carry on to use Win7 or Linux in peace without hardware conflicts.


Oh no…

Thanks Revelasti, as I don’t use discord I didn’t know…

I had a lot of interactions with Shtrak on these forums and in private chats.
We had a very similar approach to the game (and we are both French, that helped).

A great guy, always helpful, considerate, modest.
This is a big loss for the community.
To borrow the name of his own forum series: a real hero.
I will miss you, Shtrak.


One day there will be a cure for The Big C.

RIP Shtrak, i didnt know you or ever conversed with you, but still, play on where ever you maybe.

Shtrak was one of the nice posters, he’ll be missed.

And it will take too many people before then.

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Enjoyed his posts even if we didn’t interact much. Such a damned shame.


I’m glad to have known him and sad to see him go.


Would it be a thing to honour his contribution to the early community naming an NPC after him?

All the best to his family in this hard times.


I saw some plans for something similar and a little different.


I was very upset for days after I found this out. I’d always enjoy seeing him helping players, and I looked up to him as a fellow community bee friend. He was a good role model, and he really did care deeply for this game, rest in peace brother. :heart:


Genuinely one of the nicest players on the forums, discord, and game. He was genuinely happiest when he was helping new players learn how to play LE and light their passion for this game.

My condolences to his family and friends and I truly hope we find a way to honor his memory and impact on this community in the game or elsewhere within LE


:cry: Rest easy…


I will miss Shtrak, I have been away for a couple of months due to traveling for work. Yet he took out time along with Vaporfire to help keep me in the loop on the status of the game. He and I had very good and constructive discussions about a game he really enjoyed.


I just founded Shtrak memorial in game. Had to take break for a moment.
Love EHG!


Yeah. This is just such a nice thing. Makes me sentimental everytime I come along his shrine.

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In case you missed this, Chatterbox just replied to Mike (who probably already knew this).

Here is a Screenshot of the Memorial for Shtrak In-Game.
It occurs very early in the game and is not hard to find if you look around.


Yeah. Starting with 0.9, I’ve started visiting and screen-shooting it with every new character I make. Gonna make a collage of them over time.