[Sentinel] Rebuke doesn't channel until a long time after the key is held

When the Rebuke skill form Sentinel class is used, two things happen :

  • The bubble appear around the player and explodes after 2 seconds of channel. The explosion deals damage to surrounding enemies. During the channel, the player cannot move and takes reduced damage. That’s the normal intended use of the skill.

  • The player cannot move, takes full damage, the bubble doesn’t appear and the channeling countdown isn’t triggered. This happens for a long time, between 2 and 10 seconds in most cases it seems. Then, the skill starts working as intended. Sometimes, it actually never starts working and as long as the key is held, nothing happens for 30 seconds and more.

Here’s a recording of a play session where I use the skill several times in a row and you can clearly see what happens : Last Epoch Rebuke Bug - YouTube

I know that it affects many people as I’ve seen people complaining about it in the chat of the game when I brought it up and in the comment section of another forum post (this one : [Sentinel] Rive/Multistrike/Vengeance and Rebuke are bugged).

It’s a very annoying bug as the skill is used by many players to mitigate incoming damage from many sources and thus to prevent dying very quickly. But when the bug is in effect, the player takes full damage so it really makes the skill unreliable.

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Can you repair your game files and let me know if that fixes this issue?

Same here, verifying game files does not helped.

Same issue. Re-install and the likes had no change on the problem.

From testing: The skill is in effect, but has to be triggered by using another skill channeling.

The reason it goes off after a long time is because the cooldown of it has reset and forces the use on the next use of the skill.

As the OP said though, during this you are taking full damage and not mitigated damage like it should be.

I can confirm this seems to be bugged, I’m still new to the game but when activating Rebuke the seems to “activate” but doesn’t trigger any of the skills effects. So your character will just stand still and soak damage without absorbing any of it or mitigating any of the damage.

It works SOMETIMES but I haven’t found out what causes it to trigger and work correctly. I thought that it might be due to some passives/skill levels but nothing seems to fix it so far.

Hey so it seems that verifying the game files fixed the issue but not sure.

What I’m sure of though, is that cast speed is breaking Rebuke. I equipped just a little bit of cast speed and the skill doesn’t work anymore. Same issue as what I originally described. I tried with two items : one has 6% increased cast speed, it doesn’t cause any problem, the other one has 14% increased cast speed and Rebuke bugs. When I equip both items, it bugs too although it feels like it takes more time to start channeling than with just the 14% item.

Another post talked about cast speed breaking Rebuke and it seems like they were right : Rebuke breaks with increased cast speed

I maybe had cast speed on some items when I originally wrote the post, so I don’t think verifying the game files fixed the issue (it didn’t found any problem anyway) but removing all source of cast speed did.

Edit : Ok so the bug is still there actually. It seems to be happening when I lose some FPS. Like if I’m fighting some enemy, then for whatever reason I have a short FPS drop, well if I use the skill during that FPS drop, it bugs. It was bugging even with normal stable FPS when I tried it with cast speed items though.

Edit 2 : Yeah I’m pretty sure the bug is triggered by FPS drop (as well as cast speed of course). Whenever I have FPS drop, no matter how short of small the drop is, casting Rebuke during the drop makes the skill bug. I have optic fiber connection and it’s stable, so maybe it has to do with my computer’s performance. I’m gonna try stuff with the settings.

Edit 3 : Found how to reliably trigger the bug ! If I limit my Maximum FPS in the settings to 55 or below, the bug triggers every single time. At 55 it sometimes starts channeling after a few seconds but anywhere below 55 and it just never starts channeling. At 56 or above it works as intended.

Can anyone try changing their Maximum FPS limit to confirm ?

I guess it has to do with the animation of the skill effect or something like that, it would exlain that the bug can be triggered by lower framerate or higher cast speed.

Excellent find! I tested it out without verifying the files and it looks like cast speed is the cause of the issue. I tested it by equipping the passive “Blademaster” and while having a sword/axe equipped Rebuke continues to be broken while casting it empty handed or with any other one handed weapon causes it to work as normal.

I don’t have any + Cast Speed gear equipped and did not verify the files, just unequipped my axe and voila!

Rebuke Effect missing based on Framerate - #2 - Bug Reports - Last Epoch Forums

Yup I already posted about it :slight_smile:


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