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Running out of approachable Monolith content as a failure mode

I’m playing a minion build and can clear echoes just fine, but shade is way too hard for me. So, I have to stick to the same web, just keep exploring it. After going into 40+ stability-per-echo area, I noticed that all of the branches just ahead of me terminated in shades. I suspect that if I continued playing this timeline long enough, I’d eventually run out of non-shade echoes.

I guess, for a weaker build, mods imposed by distant echoes could become pretty prohibitive, halting the progress even earlier, with no way to reset the web.

Presumably you’re doing normal monoliths rather than empowered (where you can get vessels of memory, which I think “reset” the monoliths you’ve already done so you can redo them).

Would you like to share your build? We may have a look and give some advice about how to make it stronger. This would help you find the Shade and reset the web.

Vessels exist in normal, but they don’t reset other vessels, ending up with the same eventual shade-lock

I’m quite sure it’s not a build issue, it’s a piloting issue. Way too much dodging with too little notice for my playing ability. But I understand the shade is designed to be very challenging, and don’t expect to be able to survive it.

This feedback is along the lines “amount of easy-ish playable endgame content is limited unless you can tackle much harder content”. Some sort of “give up and reset the web without corruption” option would solve it.

To be honest, I’m a very casual player (slow reflexes, average positioning) and I find the Shade mostly easy to fight. It’s interesting to see how different kinds of players approach it.

Keep in mind that every shade is different.

I don’t know how many shades you tried, but it could be the case, that the only/few shades you tried were particularly hard.

Some combination of skills are incredibly hard.

Also if you are filling up quest echoes and discovering Vessels and Beacons you can save them up and do them all in a row, to let modifiers run out, just before fighting the shade, to make that fight even easier.

You can also repeat a given shade as many times as you want.
The same shade node on the echo Web will always stay exactly the same, so you cN actually try and learn the fight/patterns.

In case you are interested you can also check out my video about the Shade Of Orobyss, showcasing literally every single ability of this boss.

If a particular shade feels impossible try another one on the echo web.


In my experience shade gets absolutely shredded by minion builds. Like, so much so that I often don’t have to deal with the mechanics. I’m not trying to say “lol ur build sux git gud”, but since you’re hitting a wall and the way you’d like to solve it doesn’t exist, it would probably be useful for you to share your build. Your current setup may be making it more challenging than it could be with some tweaks. If nothing else, getting other sets of eyes on it would rule it out as a factor for the trouble you’re having.


Yeah, agreed.

With a minion build you can focus on dodging the shade’s attacks while you don’t need to worry about the damage (because your minions take care).

Maybe there’s something in your build that is messed up and prevents it to perform as intended. Often these are bad skill/skill or skill/passives synergies or your gear is not appropriate for the build. Sometimes people miss to upgrade the gear.

This doesn’t solve the issue that there’s no reset option for a timeline. But it could solve the issue at least for you, if we can get your build able to kill the shade.


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Thanks all for the advice.

This wasn’t an "oh no, I hit the wall and need to reset’ situation, but rather “I see a wall in the far distance and I think it’s worth adding a reset option in a future version”.

Also, eventually I found a shade with a skill comp I could survive long enough for my minions to do the job.

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