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Rogue Reveal Teaser #2 - A Rogue's Work Is Never Done

A Rogue’s work is never done. The right kill with the right blade might save this ruined future.

Become the Rogue next Friday, December 4, 2020.


4th Dec gonna be like christmas, easter and everything together XDDD great work guys

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Oh damn! This is gonna be my favorite char!

…and your teasing is as good as your game… sooooo mean!!!

Looking good!

The skills are giving me D3 Demon Hunter vibes.


Can’t wait!!

Rogue looks like tremendous fun!

Holy crap the blade dancer skills look insane !
Can’t wait to see the crazy builds some people will be able to do with it.

sweet, some skills look cool, cant wait

oh man that teaser was fantastic! i’m super excited for rogue, probably gonna just make 2 of them on launch day because i can’t decide which subclass i want to try first


Trailer is top notch. Good work.


Omg HYPE!!!

I know! I #totes-can’t-wait-to-play-that!!!111

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Holy shit it’s exactly what I need. This needs to release asap.

Next Friday can’t come soon enough!

not gonna lie, EHGs decision to save rogue as the last class and only roll it out now, when the game is quite playable, was a very smart move. Had I not purchased the game earlier I certainly would have now. Gonna bladedance like in good old times in lineage2!

Ok. This trailer is even better than the last one.

Is it just me or are the animations of the characters improving a lot? look much better, they are getting better at it

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They are getting better at it, yes. :slight_smile:

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it actually gives me hope, because the acolyte’s animations are still bad. Even just the idle / walking / running posture.

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I saw that turret in there…interest piqued.

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