Reaper Form | Coming in Rising Flames

Hello Travelers, and welcome to the second day of the Pre-patch Blog Post Hype Week!

Originally we were going to be talking about towns today, but in a Shyamalan-like twist, we’re going to instead be covering the new Reaper Form coming in Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames!

Reaper Form

Reaper form is getting a whole new visual overhaul to better match the theme with new robes, scythes, and VFX. We think the visuals can speak louder than words on this one.

With the flames rising on May 25th, you’ll now be able to reap the fields of Eterra in style. Reaper form will now also use Reap when you transform, using the skill tree, allowing you to get into the fray right away.

0.9.1 continues our goal of improving our visuals in Last Epoch, getting things up to our current standards, and with this new Reaper Model, we continue to push Last Epoch into its 1.0 Era.

We’ll share again here the original concept artwork which inspired this Transform, which I know I regularly keep as my own computer Background!

The Week Continues

Thank you all for joining us today for a quick look at the new Reaper Form coming in Patch 0.9.1 on May 25th, and we’ll see you all again tomorrow for our next post of the Pre-patch Blog Post Hype Week as we talk about the Beta version of the MTX Store.


Noooooooooo… I want to hear about towns :frowning: guess Reaper is pretty cool too :octopus:

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Nice one

Looks way better, nice job

Also I love how bright/colourful that area is in the clip, hope it’s accessible in game

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Great visuals for the Reper form! what is the location in the video? Is it from upcoming Act or just a new monolith area?

if only Reap could use the Harvest skill tree…


Is this only a visual update or will the skill spec tree of Reaper Form be overhauled as well?

Reaper Form is very old and pretty one-dimensional


Frankly, I’m more excited about the new map.
Is that ancient era?

Lol… Who cares about reaper… I want to see that Map.

I am afraid that we wont get much content with the next patch. Ladders, MTX shop, Reaper form, nice things but nothing what makes the game better / more enjoyable. It needs content, it needs in map events, it needs more diverse content, not always only dungeons.

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Love the new look :slight_smile:

Sod Reaper form, that new zone!!!


Good idea, both ladders and towns are for online only players so good to have something for offline in between. Tho I still don’t get why Reaper form has two scythes with no way to dual wield…

New zone and enemies look great! Is that a reskin for the existing poison shooting flower monsters or something new?

Bait and switch on towns? Noooooopooooppppppooooiiiiiijooooooooo

Reaper form looks cool eh

One of the most impactful visual improvements I’ve seen in a while. Lets pray they don’t came with huge nerfs to Lich. Is quite OP now haha.

BTW the visual update absolutely rocks!

Kain and I have the same background on our PCs :flushed:

abom melee fix W H E N

Love the new look! EHG, keep up the good work and don’t let the new influx of negativity on the forums get to you down.

MTX should really be like one the very last things added in a game in EA.
Beside that, I totally agree. This specific news update then, pure hot air. We updated the skin of a class path. Cool. What about the mechanic for it? “Nah, that’s fine as it is”

Wait, the revamped Reaper Form is only visual? Ouch.

If that is so then I am very disappointed as it is a sub-par skill (mechanically I mean, compared to the other transforms which are much more fun (4 new abilities many of which utilise your chosen skills and their trees)).

And why 2 Scythes? It looks a bit silly.