Question about Take This!

I saw a dev stream with the graphic of Take This above his head…I like to know if this company is working with them and why you would be working with them since they are connected to Department of Homeland Security. With everything going on with gaming this is a serious RED FLAG to me about this company now…if you are connected I would like a refund.

A game developer working with a nonprofit organization that promotes mental health assistance and support through games and gaming is an “extreme red flag” to you?

@ishowernaked did you create a new account to make more satire posts so it’s harder to catch on?


Okay, I think I found what he’s talking about:

He’s afraid 11th Hour Games, through their connection to Take This, is going to tell the Department of Homeland Security he used the N word in chat.


Thank you for bring that article up.
No need to insult me over my concerns.
Yeah I have real concerns and it has nothing to do with saying the N word.
Its much deeper than that…
Oh…dont assume someones gender…that can get you into trouble now a days if your not careful.

No you don’t.


Excuse me? Saying I don’t is really presumptive. I don’t understand your hostility because I asked a question to know if they are involved with this and how deep they are…I have a right to ask about things. I do not appreciate your attitude and you are not helpful.