PSA for Now Legacy Characters: Your Faction Reputation and Stash Isn't Missing

This would be the perfect solution, yeah. As it stands, losing tabs you bought for is pretty horrible as it is

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I’m not asking for tabs beyond 200. But I can’t accept that paid off tabs from cycle don’t carry over to legacy to match that number. The save game is simply broken at this point. People that started the game with 1.0 and decided to go cycle instead of legacy are screwed by this.

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I also started the game with 1.0 and played cycle. I wonder how is it possible that this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I absolutely can’t fathom having 150-200 tabs. For even a severe altaholic in legacy the game would be throwing the same stuff at you by the truckload that you would have to paw through your tabs to find. Is there some other motivation to hoard that much?

The stash tab problem is infuriating. I had 50 stash tabs, meticulously organized by hand, and now I have to recreate that system category by category, color by color, icon by icon, tab by tab, and move each item one by one. And I have to pay a few MILLION gold (which I don’t have) for the privilege!?! And until I earn another… 2 MILLION gold!? … just to repurchase what I already paid for, I have to live with the mess. WHAT. WERE. THEY. THINKING?!?

And all this just so they can reset some leaderboard I’ve never even looked at, and could not care about in the least. What a PITA.

I’m just going to log off and ignore the game until they fix this - it isn’t worth the aggravation of dealing with this nonsense. I’ll try back next season


Very good point.


It’s not that bad with the search function. You learn the affix names and then you type for example “mercurial” into the top right search bar, that collapses your tabs to only show those with boots which have movespeed as their highest prefix. Conduit (inc lightning damage) applies to more item types, but I have different tabs for each. Some affixes have generic names like “Rogue’s” but there is usually a way to search for those as well. And uniques, well, they have unique names.

I don’t know. Do you play cycle again?
Did you buy/dupe gold so you can just buy all tabs again?

If no to both then I guess we simply have different playstyles and that’s fine. To each their own.

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