Primalist Skills and Synergy

I’m going through the effort to revamp Primalist Skills and the Passive node tree, but I’d definitely not be so presumptuous to think I know better than the people testing through late Arena and Monolith timelines. My aim for revamping the Passive nodes is to support multiple build types through combination of skill trees and appropriate passives. I’m making this thread to figure out the number of possible combinations that Primalist can take advantage of and figure out if there are better ways to make use of the passive grid space.

Here are the types of builds I can think of, please pitch in with other ideas:

Beastmaster ZooKeeper

Summon Wolf, Sabertooth, Summon Bear, Fury Leap, Flanking Strike?

Totem Hoarder Shaman

Storm Totem, Thorn Totem, Frenzy Totem, Swipe, Summon Bear

Poison Petmancer Druid

Summon Spriggan, Summon Scorpion, Summon Bear, Entangling Vines, Spriggan Transform / Fury Leap

Cold Melee Shaman

Swipe (with Attunement Bonuses), Sabertooth (Ice Tiger), Fury Leap, Storm Totem (with Cold conversion), Eterra’s Blessing

Melee Poison Strike Druid

Serpent Strike, Fury Leap, Frenzy Totem, Healing Wind, Thorn Burst?

Tornado (We need more synergy for Fire Tornado)

Tornado, Thorn Burst, Entangling Roots, Healing Wind, ???

I know there are other builds out there, but I want to hear what people would be interested in terms of creating skill and passive synergy.

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