Predictable/Influenced Weaver's will + spread to all Uniques

That’s what I did. If WW is just another RNG system and the EHG devs often made stuff look better then it actualy was. As I said I’m sadly convinced this will be another slog and I would be suprised if I get decent rolls on the items.
I try to get as many as I can and either proof my point or stand correct but untill then my theory is that we are not in for a treat but for another item hunting time sink to make up for the content that never made it into the game on release.

Noone needs to be okay with what I’m saying here it’s just my opinion and my opinion don’t need to be important of valid for other people ^^. Chillax fellas I just say what I think untill proven otherwise.

No, you said the following which very strongly implies that you don’t believe the devs.

Whe one is trying to make an argument, hyperbole is not helpful. If one is just ####ing with people, go nuts…

Yes, but that is kinda the point in an arpg.

I don’t see numbers. I don’t have evidence. I have the word of a developer (while EHG has a good track record). I can make everything I want out of this because so far we only have words without numbers and eveidence. I just can look back of the experiences I had with Last Epochs itemisation and from said experience I tend to say “If pigs can fly lol!”. Maybe at some point WW will roll rare affixes on a meaningfull rate where people are able to see a difference but I’m not convinced this will happen in the near future.

It’s like telling someone theorcrafting is useless because numbers can change. In my theory the the increase isn’t something to write home about. Did I exaggerate to make my point clear? sure. Do I want to trigger people with it? Nah I have more intresting hobbys :smiley: .

I simply can’t belive there will be a meaningfull enough ratio on the items to get rare afixes. On top of it I think there will be no form of “smart loot” on the items and they most likely roll affixes you would not want on the items.

It’s one of the parts of an arpg but not 90% of it. while this is subjective a good fluid gameplay loop with good designed enemys and skills to use is important as well. I’d rather have more meaningfull content and edgame content then gear that’s not needed at all. I agree with everyone that it’s nice to get something without a daoubt but to me WW is the least desireable of it all.