Poison Stacks being 15+ is too vague when making a poison build

I am building a Poison stacking Marksman and I would like to know how many stacks I can get to as my goal is to get as many stacks as possible within a 3 second window since that’s the duration for poison.

Capping the visual at 15+ makes it difficult to fully see how much damage you are doing to an enemy, i.e is my damage 15 stacks of 120 damage or 30 stacks of 120 damage?

The damage in the above example is doubled, but there is no visual indicator.

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This visual limit will be removed in the upcoming 0.9.0 update. It was previously done due to a technical limitation but that issue has since been overcome.


Awesome, thanks for the info!

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Hope that will also be true for All other ailments like Stock for instance, man that would be so awesome.

Yes, it’s a general change to how ailments are displayed on the target (as the dev update shows), not something specific to poison.

A little more info from the post, there are significant changes coming to ailments as well not just visual ui changes.

Another commonly discussed topic we’ve had a look at is how some ailments, in particular resistance shredding ailments, tend to greatly favor faster hitting builds. This isn’t great for performance, networking, or build diversity. As such, we’ve reduced the stack limit on resistance shredding ailments. Resistance shredding ailments, including shock, will stack to 10 (from 20). Meanwhile, Poison will continue to stack ‘infinitely’, but only the first 30 stacks on a target will shred resistance. Poison will also deal more damage to compensate for this . In the case of shock where it also offers stun chance, we’ve doubled the stun chance portion to retain the same value as the previous stack limit.


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