Please make the "cycle" mechanic more accessible


Talisman was added in a gutted version.
Perandus doesn’t even exist anymore.
Prophecy is gone.
Legacy is gone.
Bestiary has a vast variety of crafts removed.
Delve has no crafts for it anymore.
Betrayal has lost a ton of functionality.
Synthesis is basically gone.
Metamorph is gone.
Harvest is a shadow of itself.
Scourge wasn’t implemented at all.
Sentinel didn’t go core.
Lake of Kalandra didn’t go core.
Crucible is gone.
Ancestors are gone.
Affliction is basically gone.

You were saying?
Any further questions?

Yes, because GGG enforced all new content to be added to the maps.
There’s so called ‘parallel’ content implementation as well, which they did forego, enforcing everyone to play maps on and on without alternative.
There’s a ton of old games out there which don’t have the PoE issues with the need to remove mechanics because of bloat… there’s just a ton of available mechanics and you can choose and use them as you want. Final Fantasy 14 is a prime example with a game getting bigger and bigger without introducing bloat but instead allowing people to either progress through it or have it as side mechanics which aren’t removed.

The ‘bloat’ argument was always hot garbage from day 1, showcasing a lack of game development understanding rather then being an actual need. Choice paralysis is a thing, yes… but choice paralysis depends entirely on presentation and not on actual quantity of existing things.
You don’t go in a mall and you’re immediately overwhelmed from the choice presented… no… it’s dissected into areas and shops so you don’t get all choices thrown at you at once but you only choose from a category, then a sub-category and then a set in those. You break it up piece by piece to divert this issue.
That’s why it’s not a single bazaar room where everything is thrown together willy nilly like content is in Path of Exile.

You want to tell me that Harvest crafting was ‘bad’? Or that the fossil affixes were ‘bad’? People loved those things!
The memory game from Synthesis was also fantastic, outside of the arbitrary 10-tile limitation. People loved that stuff.
Scourge was also enjoyed heavily, messing around with your items and ruining tons of them to suddenly get one ridiculous combination? Great!
Why was ancestors removed? It’s a nice minigame on the side.

It’s a lack of competence from GGG simply.

That’s unrelated.

FOMO is the usage of anything which derives from limited time access. You can only do it ‘now’. It’s gone afterwards. You won’t be able to experience it.
Limited time sales, seasonal events, mechanics only seen during a timeframe and then never again. That’s by design… FOMO-based content. Daily quests, Weekly quests… another direction of those things.
Please get to know what it means.

Those things are designed in a way to enforce people to engage with something because they would be missing out. By design that’s a ‘detrimental manipulation tactic’ since those people wouldn’t have interacted with it otherwise, they just got anxiety to miss out on something.
Hence predatory business tactics.
Why predatory? Because it abuses a mental weakness taking away informed choices by inducing negative emotions. You don’t sell through negative emotions, you create real life issues with that and that’s appalling.

If they’re ‘fine with it’ or not doesn’t matter.
You know… if you don’t have the money don’t gamble, right? Tell that to a gambling addict.
Don’t drink too much alcohol. Tell that an alcoholic.

The focus is that there’s no inhibition about those things as our brain overrides it because of the dopamine rush, it enforces short-term based behavior and is a addiction-based behavior.

Not without reason are lootboxes forbidden in a variety of countries, it falls in the same category of psychological manipulation.

I was specifically replying to this:

Whats the point of even playing the “cycle” if all the new shit is already core to the game?

It wasn’t “best arpg ever made” ten years ago. So LE not being one today is mighty fine.

Come back in 5 years and then we can compare how LE did.

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It’s starting over fresh. That’s the point. Speaking only for myself, I loved beginning fresh in all the Diablo III seasons. The mechanic for a given season was just icing on the cake.

It can be a problem for LE to be the best ARPG because of PoE 2. Everything that GGG is showing right now tells people it will be much easier to understood for completely new players compared to PoE 1. One of those things are suggested skill tree for every class in game, second will be introduced gold and auction house (simplified trading between players), old and experienced players from PoE 1 will still be able to use old ways both for skills and trading.

I am not sure if J1mbo - one of the gaming streamer - haven’t touched PoE 1, he says that he didn’t, but according to his video on youtube there is a very high chance that PoE 2 will rule ARPG genre just like PoE 1 for several years now.

I am playing four ARPG games: LE, PoE1, D3, D4, and I must admit that every one of this game could use some ideas from others (expect from D4 because it’s the most boring and is to far away from others mentioned by me). Solo self funding is the best in LE because of one of the guilds, crafting again LE, side endgame activities from PoE 1, bosses mechanic and number of them - PoE 1, approach to seasons and core game - PoE 1 but without gutting the good and best parts of seasons, lvling - D3, campaign progression every season - D3.

EDIT: I forgot to mention about WSAD movement that PoE 2 will introduce and unlimited dodge.

But I didn’t say LE is going to be the best ARPG :thinking:

His issue is that LE isn’t what he expected, and his argument is that PoE 1 is great, so I told him that PoE 1 also wasn’t best right away, and that he should come back in 5 years and compare them again.

Which is actually copied from LE. Funny that.

Then it’s my fault to incorrectly assuming that: “we can compare how LE did.” according to previously “So LE not being one today is mighty fine.” was saying that LE can be best ARPG. Sorry for that.

And that’s why every genre needs new games that will show others how to handle specific aspect to satisfy gamers or how to update old ideas. I am happy that LE premiere was great and the games is liked by players because that means other companies (even Blizzard with D4, slowly but they are trying) are updating their products with good ideas. I remember when PoE2 was delayed after LE launch to tweaks some solutions and add new aspects to the game.

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Imo 8 years ago PoE was the best arpg ever made so it’s actually not that far off.

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Ya…cause no other game has ever had gold or an AH. Wild take.

You should probably wear a helmet wherever you go just in case.

I have the exact opposite experience.

I am super excited for Nemesis spawns and since they specifically do not spawn in every echo this makes them more special and I am always excited to see what they have to offer.
And especially when I put a cool Unique into the Egg of the Forgotten Knight I am very excited to do the new few echoes to see what happens to the item.

If they would guarantee spawn in every echo I would feel annoyed, because than it is not special and exciting anymore and I would very likely run out of things that I want to put into the Egg of the Forgotten Knight.


No, because GGG devs came out and explicitly said LE’s system was something they’d like to copy.

You remind me of the people saying Biden is sharp as a tack after the debate. Whatever EHG does you just say its the best thing ever because that’s the narrative you need to stick with.

Where did LE copy their system from? Having gold and an AH isn’t a new thing. Where’s the link?

Imagine having such a weird sense of identity that you have to shoehorn this weird political commentary into an argument about a video game. Try to stay on topic, grandpa, everybody else is just trying to have dinner here.

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Yes, because clearly people can’t enjoy things that you don’t.
It’s natural that a bunch of players like the way the devs set things up because the devs themselves are players, they are making the game they’d like to play, so obviously they atracted players that have a similar mentality.

Doesn’t mean we always agree with everything the devs do, but we do agree with the majority because we’re the types of player that EHG is aiming for.

They specifically said they weren’t going to change trade for PoE2 but had to because of the success of MG. And they will change it to be similar to LE’s MG: namely instant buy-outs with a limiting currency (gold for them, favour for LE).


You crack me up dude lol.

Imagine having such a lack of sense of humor that you can’t appreciate an objectively funny analogy of the situation. I don’t give two shits about politics. But it is hilarious to watch people going nuts after that debate saying he’s as sharp as he’s ever been. Denying reality is denying reality…political or not.