Pets and Town portal

If I use the TP to go to town when I return back to the area my pets do not spawn in with me.

Known issue.

Having the same issue, after TPing back into the Temple of Lagon, my companion (Sabertooth Cat) cannot seem to find its way back to me and I am unable to respawn it.

You can at least remove the summoning skills from your toolbar & re-add them then resummon them, though it is a pain.

I believe what is happening is you are coming back from town and land where your TP was placed back in the world. The pets are spawned in at the beginning of the zone or the Telepad not sure which. They’ll eventually find their way back to you, but will pull most the zone with them in the process.

Same happens on Necros except it’s not as bad since you can just resummon all your skeletons/wraiths/golems

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