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Paladin's Sigils of Hope: Upkeep and Proc chance

BTW, just tried back to back both extremes:

In arena echoes, you get to kill so much fodder that I pretty much I just had to refresh sigils 4 times on 2 echoes.

The next echo was a “kill 2 Ivory Diamond Matrons”, and it was miserable: I just gave up as most enemies were either gulamanders or Merunes frogs, i.e. enemies with massive health pool that usually spawn alone. I completed the echo with a single sigils because having more felt like not worth the dps loss and chewing through the mana I use for judgement.

The question remains whether or not the skill is worth casting if you could just be casting something else in its place.

Furthermore, I would argue that the whole purpose of this argument is for redundancy… if you use this skill that is exactly what you’re looking for; you want to stack the buffs provided from each sigil. Summoning your maximum number of sigils in a single click is the whole point. The fact that other nodes are available that modify (both negatively and positively) the number of sigils you can have active prove that redundancy is an intrinsic value of the skill.

I have highlighted in one of my previous posts that the skill should cost 100% mana for each sigil that was summoned, equating to the same mana cost that would be spent summoning them individually (By default, a single Sigil costs 35 mana, summoning all three would cost 105 and summoning the current maximum of 5 would cost 175 mana). This is similar to how the the Primalist’s Thorn Totem passive node “Grove Mind” currently works.

But there isn’t something else aside from sigils that is worth casting in its place. And yes it’s worth casting.

I want this to be true. I want Sigils of Hope to be a worthwhile skill - it just needs some help.

I always use it on my paladin builds, I don’t know what I’d use instead. Paladin is the most played class for me, so I don’t really understand the grief here.

I mean, it’s worth casting because it’s a lot of stats, doesn’t mean it’s fun to stop every 20 and so seconds to refresh each sigil. Paying a passive node point to be able to cast them all at once for the full mana cost and/or to refresh IMHO would be a great QoL that doesn’t make them too much stronger.

Or make some changes to make it proc on hit, IDK, maybe they proc on hit if Holy aura is active.

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If you have 4 sigils then it’ll be every 5s to refresh one Sigil (or every 20 to refresh all of them).

But why would you summon a sigil every 5 seconds?
Personally I just summon 4 sigils at the start of the Echo and then refresh when needed, except on bosses or low density echo where I just refresh once or twice between pack and save mana for Judgement.

Because then I know that when the timer for the last Sigil gets to ~3/4 I know that I can summon the next one & I’ll always have all 4 Sigils up, as well as it spreading the mana cost over the longest possible time rather than having a massive cost every 20s (& I personally don’t enjoy using Volatile Reversal).

Ah makes sense. TBH for the moment I also switched to Volatile Reversal as it works way too well to dismiss it. I just spam the 4 sigils and revert.

Yeah, I think it’s the physical displacement (& not having any marker for where that was/will be) rubs me up the wrong way, makes me feel like I’m going backwards.

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