November 2023 Development Update

Looks good, I’m current using RTGI Reshade to make everything more grounded and with added GI, your improvements will be welcome!

So completely irrelevant but, why does the teleport pad thingy (is there a specific name for those?) rotate ~10 degrees clockwise with the new lighting change example? Or do the symbols rotate already in game and I’ve never noticed?


Also those lighting changes look amazing, great job all around EHG, looking forward to the changes :smiley:

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m an idiot, they constantly spin lmao. Guess I’ve tuned them out after so many hours

The lighting/shadows issue has always been my #1 complaint. I’m glad it is finally being addressed, the samples look great. You guys have always been good at smoothing over every aspect of the game through development.

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