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New player lf build recommendation

i just downloaded this game, What class/build do you recommend so start with as a beginner.
I have no preferred classes, What class did you start with?

All classes are good to start.
I started with a Beastmaster, it was pretty nice. Now that I know the game better, it would be even smoother.
If you want some leveling help, you could start with this:

I usually strongly advise people to experiment before looking for build guides.
Making a viable builds is very easy in LE. And even if it’s not perfect, you will be able to play all content. (only high arena and empowered monolith will become a problem at endgame if your build is not super good)

I think Sentinel and Mage are the easiest classes to play without any fancy mechanics or interactions needed.

Sentinel is baseline very tanky, and mage has good damage will being range and still has decent mobilty.

In case you have specific questions, just ask them here. Plenty of people will help you with more specific questions.

I personally think “discoering” builds and skill synergies yourself is one of the most rewarding parts o playing an aRPG and just in case you don’t understand anything of have a question, just jump on the forums and ask.

As a heads-up if you have any questions, please refer to the Game Guide first (press [G] ingame), it contains tons of usefull informations.

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I’ve only been at it for 3 weeks so I have tried all and IMO the Acolyte guide I’m linking is by far the most beginner friendly build I’ve played: Fastest Guide for First/Solo Character Leveling

I’m of 2 minds about stumbling around with all classes and figuring builds and synergies out on my own. Yes, that is fun and very rewarding, but it can also be a lengthy and painful process full of mistakes that are not easily corrected.

The passives are easy enough to re-spec for cheap amounts of gold but re-speccing skills even by removing 1 node or ditching a skill and speccing a different one is very punishing at the early levels when you’re new. It’s easy enough to do that when you’re high level and skill XP is gained easily but not at all in the early game up to and including the end of the campaign.

I have no problem following a well explained guide and getting up to speed that way when I’m new at an ARPG, all of which have their unique ways of building characters.

In this game with the punishing skill re-spec system at low levels I honestly would recommend playing first by following a good guide and only after doing that for a while, use what you learned to try out your own builds.

Just my 2 cents as a fellow recent noob myself :slight_smile:

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I don’t usually worry too much in ARPGs about following builds until I reach endgame, I just basically wear and use whatever I pick up, and the game is so generous with affix shards even in earlier levels, its so easy to augment virtually anything you pick up, and give yourself a reasonably sound levelling experience.

As already mentioned in this thread, re-speccing is relatively painless beyond level 50, so I would say just go for it, enjoy the game at this point and experiment with all the wealth of drops you will get on your journey! I started off with a Sentinel, a good solid class, strong and tanky - I have a character through to endgame in every class now but the ones I concentrate on and have the most fun with are the Sentinel and the Rogue, which I really DO recommend as a new starter.

Have fun levelling up, it isn’t a race, and it is great fun, there is so much to try out in terms of affix shards, improving your gear and trying new buffs etc, and when you reach endgame there are plenty of great guides from folks on here to really intensify your game experience.

Stay Safe

PS…Welcome to the Forums!

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