New player feedback (comparisons between LE and the PoE Seasons meta, plus Arcade Mode suggestion)

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Compared to Path of Exile I was mostly able to find all the info from inside the game. Learn to press Alt and hover your mouse over all the stat sheet items.

Seasons should be there to force you into making a new character from scratch and to enjoy seasonal challenges, and some new seasonal content system to make it interesting.

I’m not sure why you feel its fragmented – the game introduces you to the passive point system and the skill point trees fluidly. The stats page tells you what each does, and the in game guide goes into more specifics (though I feel like the guide could be put together a little bit better). The hard thing about loot is that unless the game knows exactly what you’re build is trying to do (which is basically impossible) its really hard to tell you whether or not one piece of gear is better than the other. Personally, I don’t want to just have a “DPS better, Defense better, therefore item is better” kind of breakdown. We should have to put effort into understanding what makes our characters better.

The crafting system is introduced in a quest, (its been a while) but I believe it introduces you to each unique system in the crafting system itself as well. As far as loot filters are concerned, they are a relatively new addition to the game with many requested features. I personally don’t play with one and it tends to work out for me. They’re not necessarily needed, but I can understand the want for them. You can certainly make a generic loot filter @Heavy has very nice ones here ( [0.9.2] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v3.1 ), but loot filters also suffer from the fact that you need to know what is going to make your character better. Some characters may want Fire damage affixes while others may want Cold damage affixes.

You most certainly do not NEED to research viable builds – almost everything is viable in this game, unless you’re doing something incredibly wacky, you would be hard pressed not to be able to put together a set of 5 skills that couldn’t be viable. Though, the meaning for what’s viable is kind of left up to debate right now. Personally, I take enjoyment from making my own builds and trying different things out, and the fact that it will likely be viable in end game content (at least, how the game stands now) is nice. I guess what I’m saying is free yourself from the notion that only other people that make guides can make viable builds, you can do it too.

As I’m sure you can tell, there is no huge passive skill tree in this game. Each skill gets its own skill tree, which is relatively small and manageable. What else they add to the game later on, who’s to say what that will look like, but I imagine a mix of new content/systems will emerge, but it will certainly be different than what’s seen in POE, the devs have shown that they’re committed to making THEIR game.

I absolutely do not want there to be a solo mode with better loot drops and faster leveling. Maybe a mode that’s an adventure mode like D3 for leveling, that could be faster, but not because it the mode itself offers an experience buff. Again, just to reiterate, you can level with almost anything you wish – there’s no need to “know” builds.

Not to sound to facetious, but D3 does exist already … But I imagine many (and potentially you) don’t play it for the same reason I don’t, there’s not much thought you have to put into progressing your character. Unplugging your brain can happen in this game too, just like any other game, you’ll eventually have things memorized/know what you’re looking for or what your plan is ( you can plan builds here Last Epoch Build Planner) before you start playing.


How dumbed down do you want your gaming experience?

I was able to hop in and just make my own build, completely learn the crafting panel, and get to level 75 monoliths in like 4 days after not having touched this game since the week it released. The passive trees are easy to understand, all you have to do is read a little bit. This isn’t a joystick arcade game where you have 2 buttons and up down left right movement, nor should it be.

This is honestly an incredibly easy game to understand. ESPECIALLY compared to PoE. There isn’t a single piece of information outside of builds that you need to look up outside of the game. Everything you need to know is explained through in-game tooltips.

The benefit of “leagues” to players is fresh content and a fun, new experience every few months. This isn’t Diablo 3 thank god. Seasonal content in D3 is basically some intern changing a few damage numbers, adding a 0 here and there. Having fresh content every few months will give this game longevity and brings people back. It also creates a very good revenue model for the developer, allowing them to continue supporting the game for many many years. Or would you rather see it die slowly so that you can experience your exact vision of what you want the game to be?

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I can tell you why I play season/league. Fresh start.

Having new stuff/content & updated story (which doesn’t exist now in ARPG) is bonus.

WIll you stop playing LE if they are bought by 10cents?

We do not know the price model for MTX in Last epoch, but the price for EA is disturbingly close to PoE, which rank top 3 in google search for most expensive MTX.

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