New "move and attack" -mechanic bug (0.7.9)

There seems to be small bug in the new mechanic that lets you choose which skill slot to use for LMB when selecting move and attack. I mapped Vengeance to R and selected that to be used with LMB attack and had Warpath mapped to RMB. Attacking enemy with LMB used Vengeance correctly, but if I kept holding LMB down while moving cursor to the next target, the attack switched to Warpath instead after a second or so.
I didn’t test if that works with other keys since it was the first area and I was too eager to test the new patch :slight_smile: . Instead I just remapped controls like in earlier versions and kept playing.

EDIT: Found another bug with the mechanic. After relogging, the LMB’s move and attack gets automatically switched to move and break destructible.

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Found another bug with the mechanic. After relogging, the LMB’s move and attack gets automatically switched to move and break destructible.

Also experiencing this problem, sort of. If I click and hold LMB the skill it’s assigned to will be used once, and then doesn’t repeat. I have to let go of the button and click it again. And like the OP, if I dispatch one target and switch to another, the skill also won’t work.

I am also getting the bug of the LMB getting put back to move and break after a relog.

Getting the same bug. Bind left click to use the right click skill, works fine. Bind left click to use any other skill - randomly fires off right click skill instead sometimes. If no skill is bound to right click the character just stands there and shrugs.

Thanks for the reports!

I’m able to reproduce the issue where the RMB skill is used under some situations, but I can’t reproduce the issue where “Move or Attack” is changed back to “Move or break destructible” after logging back in.

Any more details about the LMB selection getting reset would be appreciated-- did you manually set LMB to break destructible, then to Attack, and this change is being undone when you log back in? Does it happen consistently, or is it random? What skills do you have equipped? And finally, uploading your log file after this happens would be great.

I manually set the LMB to attack (right click), and whenever I log in, it gets undone and is set back to move.
The skills I had used were volatile Reversal, Warpath, Ephemeral Stance, Lunge, Vengeance (Vengeance being the right click attack). Maybe relevant, but at the last time that problem occured I had specialized in a skill that I had not equipped (Shield Rush).
If it happens again, I will try to remember to upload the log file.
As always, keep up the good work!

Player.log (18.8 KB) Player-prev.log (51.3 KB)

Here are my logs, I included both just in case. It’s just always happened to me since the 0.79 patch went live. Even if I manually set it to move only, it will always revert to break destructible setting each time I log into the game.

I also have vengeance set as my RMB skill and map that to my move attack. But I’ve tried with different Sentinel skills and as I mentioned, setting it to move only and no luck. always reverts to break destructible each time I launch the game.

Player.log (16.9 KB) Player-prev.log (17.5 KB)

Okay, here are a couple new logs. I did some more testing and found the below results:

  • I was incorrect about setting it to move only, if I set it to move only then that setting will stay in between sessions.

  • If I set it to Move or Attack and assign it to the first skill on my bar (first being the skill that shows up first on the left, in my case it’s assigned to my 1 key), then when I relog it will successfully stay set to Move or Attack when I log back in.

  • If I set it to Move or Attack and assign it to any other skill on my bar, it will NOT stay set correctly and revert back to Move or Break Destructible upon logging back in. I tested this and relogged a bunch of times and it would only stay set to Move or Attack if I assigned it to the first skill on my bar.

Hope this helps.

Player.log (22.4 KB)
Here is mine.

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