New Dungeon - Soulfire Bastion

Thanks, I guess my brightness was too low in addition to the image itself, didn’t even notice the key in there. I was also trying to remember the key name since I’ve been waiting for this next patch to play again.

edit: I still have to say, I always appreciate your responses, Heavy, you never just tell someone “read better”, “did you even read”, or any of that unproductive stuff.


With 3 dungeons coming soon plus arena keys. I am starting to think keys should have their own inventory space similar to how shards function now.


I’m getting so hyped for this! Feels like I used to feel about Poe league’s! More variety in the end game will be great for longevity! Can’t wait!


I guess this will be how we hope to farm exalted belts and boots?

I’m so hype! I can’t wait the next reveals of Unbroken, 9 day, Sequential Hype Week, Patch Extravaganza*TM!

really LOVE IT! cant wait to play it, really you make it great!

Please share one type of key for all dungeons.

Excellent. My Ikaruga skills were getting rusty.

I really wish the final fight will be less mechanical than Julra’s and more fightesque, more fun. BTW, Cremorus looks awesome!

So there’s going to be multiple vendors taking soul embers for different exchanges and the Soul Gambler is only one of them right ?

Maybe Grim also buys them in exchange for something ?

Kinda hope this dungeon is for more than just item gambling. Also what happens to unused soul embers after you clear the dungeon (since gambler can only take embers you got during the run)

Also it looks like the Cremorus fight will have necrotic ground dot and maybe fire too (which you can be immune to using the shield) so hopefully won’t be obnoxious for melee like Julra sitting in her beams.

This times a million… I am tired of stash tabs just for keys…