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Mutstrike Hallowed Arsenal not working right

The new Multistrike passiv Hallowed Arsenal is not working like intended i think. The spell works only on +2 targets. The spell does not work on a single target. Only now and then Smite is triggered or when I hit the ground.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Multistrike only gives you the additional hits when there are additional targets. Hallowed Arsenal converts the swords to Smites. Smite shouldn’t be triggered when you hit the ground.

If you can link pics of your Multistrike & Smite skill trees & maybe a video of it happening, that would be good.

Swords from Multistrike only hit targets that aren’t hit by your initial hit. Converting to Smite works the same way, it will never hit the the target you are hitting with the initial hit. This is intentional.

Though if you take Flanking Strikes (which you have to to get to the Smite node), you can stay out of melee range & Smite 1 ranged target per attack (which is what Flanking Strikes gives you).