Music constantly stuttering

Note: can’t find bug forum. Even clicked on the link in the stickied topic and page not found.

Hi, I used to have problems with lag and stuff but this was fixed a long time ago. However I never recall having sound issues, but mow I do. The background music constantly stutters and it’s SUPER annoying so I have to play with it off which is unfortunate.

I plugged in my headset to make sure it wasn’t my laptop’s speakers, and it does the same thing with headset. Neither have an issue with music in any other game.

Oh also of note, the stuttering goes away on loading screens.

The bug forum is in the “muted category” (if there is one, the forum seems to be going a bit odd at the moment).

It is here Bug Reports - Last Epoch Forums

Moved to bug reports-- it’s under the Support section towards the bottom of the forum homepage.

Is this stuttering present on all characters? If not, could you describe the character build you’re playing when this happens? Does it only occur in combat, or does it happen while standing still?

A log file would be helpful as well.


I do have the same problem. never had the stuttering before patch 7.9. is there any fix yet?

This thread is the first I’ve heard of this issue-- could you provide the information I listed in my previous post? That would help us greatly with looking into this.


Yes, It’s actually everywhere but the loading screens. I didn’t play much yet but was waiting for a fix in a futur patch. It happens on a lvl 20 mage and every other caracter I create. It doesn’t feel like a caracter problem. Even if I run the game at 50 fps, it’s like the music is at 5 fps. as soon as I log in the game, the music sounds perfect, I choose my caracter and I hit play. the loading screen music plays very well but when i enter my game, the music and maybe the caracter sound too, not sure start to stutter. even if I’m standing still. i will try to upload a log file. Thank you for your help

Player.log (16.3 KB) Player-prev.log (18.1 KB)

Can’t find the log file. I’m not very computer savvy. I have 2 user files under “Users”, and neither one has an “AppData”.

Anyway, I was playing on a level 52ish Necromancer, but the stuttering started as soon as I loaded into the game, in the base place or whatever, before I even summoned any minions. Then I went to a map (don’t remember which one) and it didn’t change. I cleared all the mobs on that map and went to the next which was a smaller map, and it seemed to not be as bad on that map at first until I got to where there was an NPC and some mobs.

Voice and environmental effects were stuttering just the same as the music.

I could log in to my other characters and see if the same happens, but it looks like MARKH’s experience tells me it’ll happen on them too and I don’t want to lose the log file in case you still need it. Hopefully MARKH’s is enough.

I hate to bug you, but have you had any progress with this yet?

Hi, I would love to get a follow up on that matter too please. Thank you.

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Apologies for the lack of a response here. I’ve tried to look into this, but unfortunately the log files that have been posted so far didn’t contain any information relevant to the problem. No one is experiencing this issue internally, which makes this harder to fix. Sorry about that!

If you haven’t already, I would recommend trying to repair the game via Steam. Let me know if that helps.

@MeltedWater You probably need to enable “Hidden Files” in File Explorer. It’s an option under the View tab at the top. Alternatively, you can try this:

  • Press the Windows key and R key
  • Type in the word appdata
  • Press enter
  • Navigate the rest of the way to the log file

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