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Multiplayer: why? And how?

@Thaelyn Always keep a door open

-Edgar De La Cambriole

Simple, I want multiplayer so I can play with my friends. Really not much else to it. I don’t care about the trading aspect, I enjoy getting on discord and killing foe’s together.


The best things in life are those you share with others. For me, single player games are to multi-player game what masturbation is to partnered sex.

It’s definitely true that toxicity lives here, but the key is to enter with specific friends and play together. I am very fortunate to have my wife as my ever-present gaming partner and for us, if a game doesn’t support MP, it’s not worth playing. Playing with friends makes all the difference in the world. If I didn’t have reliable regular gaming partners and friends to play with, I would probably join the MP hating crowd based on toxicity alone. But I do, and it makes all the difference.

Bring a friend. Buy your wife an account. Men have hobbies, some gamble, some drink, some have extramarital affairs. Mine is PC gaming, and my wife loves having me at home able to be at my side on open world adventures.

So yea, MP is highly sought after for a reason. It has the potential to be a MUCH better play experience, provided you have the right partners.


Sad to say it but nothing to do in game untill next huge update(what awaits us only in Semtember right?)…and I hope it will be MP introduse with trade for everyone because right now game is dead and boring to play nothing new, no changes, no new classes or skills, items, dungeons…in news updates only stream announcement with Mike…so looks like this summer not for playing in Last Epoch :C

Apologies to the wife, but you obviously havent had great sex yet dude - no chance ANY game ever invented is good enough to be compared with sex…

I offer a playful alternative more to my experience in playing games: single player is like driving a sports car on the open road whenever you like, playing whatever music you like… Multiplayer is riding the bus with the mothball smelling old lady next to you and the teenagers at the back smokng weed and launching spit balls at the cute nerd a few rows in front of them.

(couldnt resist… not intending insult - just that your analogy is flawed and based purely on your own experience.)

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What hes trying to say is your experience is incorrect, and his experience is correct. Apparently factually.

I would mainly like an auction house where you can list items for NOT in person trades.

But I wouldn’t scoff at the ability to team up with a friend too.

He’s clearly not comparing gaming with sex.

Of course, I should know by now that this is the Internet, after all, and I’m going to get these types of replies.

I don’t need to defend my sex life, it’s ever more fulfilling than any game (obviously). It’s called an Analogy, clearly not intended to assert equivalence, just intended to illustrate.

Second, I’m not stating anything as fact, or that I’m correct and others are wrong, by now I would like to think that it goes without saying that forum posts always represent the opinions of the poster.

I hope this at least saves you the trouble of running around telling posters that their analogies are flawed because they don’t represent factual equivalences, and that you are spared from having to run around and unnecessarily tell posters that they do not speak for everyone.

You’re welcome.


I just enjoy playing games with friends then play alone. They wont touch the game before multiplayer.

So I hope they get multiplayer right.

I mean… you compared playing games solo or offline with masturbating vs. partnered sex. Didn’t you expect or even force a reply to that analogy? Why so salty?

And I have several question regarding your analogy, too, if you don’t mind: Does partnered sex mean 2 people having sex? Or Does partnered sex include multiple partners per session? Would you say in your analogy playing with one friend vs. playng with 3 friends is equally weighted as having sex with 1 partner vs. group sex?

Are you serious, Raw?

I think this needs to be locked. People are just getting stupid and cruel now.

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No, I am not. Just making jokes.

Edit: You can flag my post and call for moderation. I don’t mean to be “cruel”. I just picked up the ball. @Wanderlust made a funny comment and I’m just joking about it.

Sure… If you knew me you’d understand I couldnt resist replying… You compared my favourite form of play to masturbation and suggested multiplayer is like better sex so I felt a little insulted and I just couldnt let that fly.


Oh, carry on then. I’m bad at picking up humor in text form I guess. I still can’t find the funny, but hey! All good.

Even after aura nerfs party play is still the most efficient playstyle. All the “best” players run aurabot, carry, cursebot, etc. Some even have a dedicated person trading for the party that doesnt even run maps.

This will be my last post on this topic. I made an analogy to illustrate a point. I wasn’t trying to insult anyone or state an equivalence, it was just an illustration of my point of view. I’m not “salty”, I’m not intending insult, I’m sorry if anyone took it that way. Sometimes I choose extreme examples to make a point and this was one of them. No, I don’t think that playing single player games is in some absolute sense wrong or has any less absolute value than playing with friends. I reached for an illustration and I pulled out a bad one.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my anticipation for this game is the friendly collegial nature of the community. When I think of how utterly toxic some other communities exist out there for other games, it makes me sad to think that I may have revealed, triggered, or even caused this one to start to look like those other places. Let’s all just go back to having a fun time talking about a game we all look forward to, and understand that some of us enjoy one style of gaming, and that doesn’t invalidate others.

Sorry to the community. Now let’s get back to agreeing on what we love about this game. Thank you.

Man… if this post actually works, I’ll be floored. Mentioning anything sexual, political, or against EHG will be met with what happened here. Those toxic communities you mentioned are within view of this one, imo. Not quite as bad, but the same apples keep things a bit suppressed around here. Wish you the best, Wander. Enjoying the game is exactly what should matter :slight_smile:

Just my collective observation from constantly sifting through these forums.

Edit: Grammar

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Not really true in Diablo 2. PoE’s multiplayer is not the same and in fact, the total opposite of a good aRPG experience. So your perspective is skewed (not your fault, however). It’s just what you grew up or played.


The important thing is that progress is shared and it is convenient to use. Then people don’t have any disadvantages when playing together.

You can’t really prevent multiplayer having some small advantages like a little bit faster progression when splitting up to finish a quest. As long as it isn’t unfairly balanced against playing solo, it is fine. Then it is just a choice, nobody is forced, everybody can if they want.