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Monolith Corruption Catch-up on Alts

Corruption grinding is soul crushingly slow imho.
Would be nice to double (at least) the amount of corruption gained up to a certain point , say 3-400. After that it could be even slower than it is now to give hyper efficient players (or the ones with a lot of time to play) some bragging rights.

My solution would be this.

So for example lets say you come across a shade echo ordinarily it would be a minus 5 corruption echo, they could add 3 options.

Option 1 minus 5 corruption, because you want to lower corruption
Option 2 no change to corruption, but you can still do it for resetting the timeline.
Option 3 Plus 5 corruption, because you want to increase corruption.

Then the further you go out into the web the positive and minus match up what ever the number may be, So a minus 12 would also have the option of a plus 12, but also a no change to corruption option.

3 simple choices, that offer 3 solutions, that the player can control.

Your welcome.