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Minion health regen isn't working

My chest piece has 129 hp Regen for minions on it, but on my character sheet it says i have 0, and it doesn’t seem to be benefiting my minions either.

I just confirmed it’s working. The character sheet just doesn’t have a description for flat health regen but it is being applied to your minions.

did y’all just dramatically increase wraith decay then? because they aren’t lasting even 1/4th what they used to.

" Blood Wraiths, Putrid Wraiths and Flame Wraiths no longer decay more slowly than regular Wraiths."
This was pulled from our patch notes from Sands of Majasa 0.8.3.

i’m using regular wraiths, those which are not blood wraiths, putrid wraiths, or flame wraiths.
they are decaying insanely fast compared to 3 days ago.

I don’t believe we lowered base regen to normal Wraith. Have you experienced their regen to match one of the ones listed above?

let me test it real fast, i have some blazing wraith artifacts i can throw on.

they both seem to be lasting about 11-12 seconds, prior to the patch they lasts about 35-40 seconds depending on leech potential (but i wasn’t stacking it so it didn’t amount to much)

I’ll look into normal Wraiths and see if it was intentional to also homogenize their regen with the others.