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May 9th Race Rules

It’s race day! Here’s all the info you need as a viewer or racer.

Start Time:
Thursday, May 9, 2019
1:00 PM CST (7:00 PM BST/8:00 PM CEST).

In celebration of reaching Beta, Eleventh Hour Games is holding a Community race where Travelers can win Last Epoch prizes! Preliminary discussions will begin 15 minutes before the race. Compete or tune-in and let’s have some fun!

You can find live coverage of the race on the official Last Epoch twitch channel.

The Casting Team
EHG_Leroy (Leroyrobenson)

View All Race Participants

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs today:

1st place – Ardent Creator Supporter Pack

  • Leave your mark in the game and design a custom unique item with the Last Epoch team!

2nd place – Ardent Archon Supporter Pack

  • Featuring two copies of our first cosmetic pet augment, ‘Otum Otum’s Blessing’!

3rd place – Ardent Lord Supporter Pack

  • The best swag – Beta exclusive Last Epoch t-shirt and playmat!

Signing Up and Competing

All racer submissions must be in an hour before the race begins to qualify. All racers must be streaming live on Twitch and be willing to submit a VOD. Instructions for enabling Twitch VOD is linked below. The race will take roughly 3 hours. The VOD from the race cast will also be available on Twitch AND YouTube.

Instructions on how to race:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the patch released on Wednesday, May 8th
  2. Select the race in the Optional Challenges section located on the left of the character creation screen
  3. Select your class
  4. Enter your character name [important: name your character after your Twitch channel]
  5. When it’s race time press start and get to level 65 as fast as possible without dying!

Name your character after your twitch channel so it’s easy to connect and verify.

This is a race from the beginning of the game to level 65. The first three people to hit level 65 (without cheating) will be declared the winner. If someone in the top three has been found out to have cheated or not followed rules, we will move down to 4th, 5th, etc… All racers must begin at the same time. Even if a racer submits a better time later in the day, it will be discarded.

We will revoke prizes if cheaters are found out down the road.


  • Duping Items

  • Any cheat program used to edit your character

  • Editing registry manually

  • Editing ladder

  • Glitches or bugs that help you get ahead (this is at our discretion)

  • Abuse of any systems otherwise not working as intended

  • Anything else we decide at our discretion

The game is in beta, there will be things that happen, systems that we may not have gotten a chance to update in time for the race. We want the race to reflect theory crafting prowess and gameplay skill above cleverness of breaking our game. Use your best racing spirit when making decisions!