Marksman Build - Crit Ballista! 30k dummy hits with massive ballista attack speed :O

yeah if you go full attack speed and damage they expire really fast agree bit more time would be good and needed if we want to have 6 of them active in the endgame

an idol with + sec ballista lifetime that would be op :slight_smile: maybe its coming that would be awesome

14sec is nice jsut not sure if they are still doing a lot of dps then. gonna try this tonight after fulltime but sounds good thanks for the suggestion.
ive used black arrow, just didnt liked to collect all those arrows

ill gonna try it as well tonight again

Why do you need a full build? Just plug Black Quiver into Stef’s build in place of decoy or smoke.

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IMO, Decoy is too useful to prevent you from going splat so if I had to replace a skill I’d replace Smokebomb.

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yeah agree decoy is a must its op :slight_smile: cant wait for multiplayer. imaging having decoy all time up :smiley:

Any updates on the loot filter?..
Got any new news on the unique Ballista BOW Uethrin’s Stand
Does it even drop because i can’t get it, the build rocks the echo 100 are not always easy and decoy is a must to have. so again many thanks for sharing this with us

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Uethrin Stand dropped for me 2 days ago. Random drop, not from boss.

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Don’t forget to pair Melvern’s Writ with that.

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Damn I forgot about that relic. Thanks for reminding me. Would work or help without the bow I guess.

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yeah dropped the bow. working on an update.
yes it can drop :wink:
for the loot filter im using most of the time Heavys and put in myself if i need something specific.
you can find the filter here

oh yes thanks forgot to test

Edit 14.12.2020 - Ballista Bow Uethrins Stand Variation added
Edit 14.12.2020 - All Res Version added

I hate to disparage someone’s gear builds… but might I suggest this instead?
Minion & Defense Focused

This is a much more balanced ‘All Resist’ build, imo. Sacrifices Crit chance for pure minion damage. Builds dodge and resists, instead of one or the other.

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hey im always open for suggestions :slight_smile: looks really good i had the idea of combining dodge an allres full cap its just really hard to get all these items and we would loose a lot of dps as we move away from crit.
really important is crit avaoidance cap of 100%.
gonna try your version in the next couple days lets see what damage we can stack. defense should be really good with your suggestion, thanks for that

For Crit Avoidance, if you get maximum rolls, it’s something like 92% avoidance.
Otherwise you could drop the added dodge rating on the belt for crit avoidance, easily pushing you to 107% w/ average rolls.

As far as minion damage vs. crits, I prefer minion damage. It’s not that much worse, and there are ways to increase crit chance via crit vulnerability, so your base crit chance doesn’t matter as much.

Plus, if you swap smokescreen for Dark Quiver, you can spec Dark Quiver for 100% ballista crits, just by picking up 4 arrows every time you cast. That means crit chance doesn’t matter nearly as much on gear.

Of course, that means you have to swap a skill, so it depends on how much you use Smokescreen.

Hi and thx for this little guide…
im lvl 76 but struggle a little bit in gear progression so im asking for advice
should im lookin for the base items with the needed implicits in blue for craftting ?
do you hava any suggestions for crafting ?

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hey thanks
just try to keep your dodge rating as high as possible this will help you to survive through monolith.
yes looking for base items with good implicit rolls and 1 or 2 affixes with high rolls will help you to get to your endgame gear.
ive got a lot of great items from the vendors, just check him often, also gambling helped me a lot. once you got a really good blue base item it will be a lot easier to roll the rest thats basically how i got many of my items to 3x t5. crafting is just luck and yeah you will brake a lot.

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