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Majelka;s upper district cutscene bug

When the new cut scene started instead of zooming in the serpent-like creature it zoomed in a the wall above and i could see through it. Unfortunately i didnt know and couldnt record it on time

Do you know if you were doing anything that would have caused this? Like typing or clicking on a controller? Or tabbing out of the game?

No i was just playing the game. I had seen that there is a cutscene there from a stream and i was ready to watch it but that happened

Alright. Let me know if it happens again and please keep in mind what you are doing. Something like this is hard to reproduce if it’s rare.

The only thing I can think of is that I had a twich stream open and discord at my second screen

I had the same Bug yesterday aswell, i do rember trying to zoom as far away as possible from my Character seconds before. Otherwise nothing special.