Loot spawns off screen in Monolith chests

Loot starts to spawn off screen and is a massive pain to pick up even when it doesn’t half the time and is hard to loot just doing content outside of arena… This seriously needs addressed.

Do you use any Loot Filter?

I never had this issue.
Even when i temporarily disable my loot filter (by holding x) on very high empwoered echoes the loot is never “off-screen”

Could you post a screenshot, when that happens?

It’s an issue when there’s lots of loot, regardless of whether there’s a loot filter enabled or not.

I have this quite often if there is a big amount of loot in the reward chest.
The names appear far from the character and almost off screen, but if you clicked them they are grabbed from the chest.

Sure give me a bit and I’ll toss one up when it happens. No loot filter not sure what to do to set one up(still newer to the game)

Edit: Okay here it is. Since the items only spawn in a square shape they spawn off screen when you get far in the monolith. https://imgur.com/a/3eJO67f I’ve seen a few times where loot will spawn in unreachable spots on the right side of the map and it keeps getting worse as you progress in the monolith

On top of that items that spawn further away are a massive pain to loot because you can only click on a tiny spot on the entire loot bar that will pick it up so I end up spending more time picking through loot then I do doing the monolith content.

Also it would be nice if loot windows could move around. Like in Diablo 3 when you looted items if they were in a pile they would shrink down as you looted stuff.

So i know this is a know issue, i personally never had it soooo bad.
Not sure if there is something making it worse, but it looks indeed really bad for you.

If you would use some slightly strict loot filter this would definitely become less of an isssue, but it would probably never disappear completely.

If you don’t mind the shameless plug:
I do have a generic loot filter that has become pretty popular.

This is a good starting base for you, to make your own filter.

I am not 100% sure, but i think the devs might think about this, but we probably don’t have teh tech for that in the game.
I remember somethiugn being discussed, bu can’t remember the details.

The loot tags will resort themselves if you hit Esc twice (though this might be if you have a loot filter working).

Looks like all items are on the island so only the tags are off screen. As @Llama8 said just use ESC or toy arround with the loot filter and remove white items for example. That’s the easiest most basic thing to do and it saves some screen space.

Now that they patched the game the Esc twice hit doesn’t work WTF

The patch broke this feature…

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