Loot Filter Suggestions

I’m not knowledgeable enough if there are techical limitations preventing these two suggestions, but:

1) I’d like to be able to recolor gear that has X amount of affixes from a selected list.

For example, you have chosen [Mana, Mana Efficiency, Health] from the affix list and tier 4 or above. The filter would recolor the gear if it has two or more affixes (set by user) from the given list.

2) I’d like to be able to filter by open prefixes and suffixes.

The ability to hide gear by affix already goes a long way to hide useless gear for you character. But to me there’s still a lot of loot to shift through. I think the first suggestion would help a lot in finding good crafting bases to make that best in slot gear for your character.

I don’t like loot filter in this game. You need to have a degree in math or programming to be able to use it. Grim Dawn’s loot filter is unmatched.

Heavys Loot filters

Heavys Loot Filter Tutorial

All hail @Heavy

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Yes Grim Dawn’s Loot Filter is incredibly easy to understand and grasp.

But it literally has no depth. (Besides maybe “only show double rares”)

Last Epochs Loot Filter ca nbe very complex, but it’s also incredibly easy, when you only want to achieve basic things.

@vapourfire already did post two of my contributions to the community regarding loot filters.

I think the Guide could help you understand how the system better.

If still have questions, feel free to dm me.

Regarding OP.

This already has been suggested countles of times and even has been acknowledges by the devs.
It’s jsut a matter of time until we get more Loot Filter improvement (since It’s release we only got minimal bug fixes)

Having more options is always great, but also could make a loot filter uncessecarily overloaded.

Since items drops identified already, having open affix slots is only usefull if you are not 100% sure yet what you want to have as maybe 3rd or 4th affix on an item.

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