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Loot bug with monolith gates

I’ve noticed that most of the monolith gates that I do (the hot tub looking things that spawn monsters to complete the monolith objective) don’t spawn any loot when I complete them. Some spawn a lot of loot, but most spawn zero loot.

Could you record which ones do and don’t spawn loot? That would be really helpful for debugging.

Chipping in:

Hard to say exactly which as I personally havent been keeping track, but I did an Ice one about an hour ago on 350+ corruption that dropped nothing.

EDIT: Just did a Wild Gate - also dropped zero loot…

I assumed that the gates just didnt drop anything randomnly… Are they actually intended to always drop loot?

Sure, what info do you need?

I just had another one happen. A map in Ending the Storm (I don’t think it’s relevant, considering it’s happened in all the timelines) where no loot spawned when completing the gate. Here’s the log file. It’s the last map I did. (8.0 KB)

Just got another one, right after the first one I just posted (in the same timeline). It was a cold/ice themed gate. (5.5 KB)

Rather than a log file just record which Gates don’t spawn loot.

What do you mean? How are gates differentiated?

I just got a gate that did spawn loot (same timeline as the others). It was a water mob gate (the mob’s you see in Lagon’s Isle in the Divine Era).

The only thing I’ve noticed where loot spawns from the gates is that the end mobs that spawn for them are more difficult, meaning they’re the harder mobs that are bigger, do more damage, and have higher health. (15.8 KB)

I think there are like 8 different gates. Some of them might not be set up to drop loot. So just when you encounter one that doesn’t drop loot, take note of which ones they are.


I can confirm zero loot drops from: Ice, Wild, Skittering, Savage, Void & Ash gates while playing game version 0.8.5D in the last few hours of playtime.

Still evaluating if its a random issue - i.e. do these always not drop anything or is it only sometimes.

EDIT: Getting a little silly now… it seems like every gate echo is not dropping loot for me now…

Alright. I wanted to gather enough data before I replied again. I encountered 11 different kinds of gates through various different timelines, and whether they drop loot or not definitely appears to based off of what kind of gate it is. The gate type is based on this link:

The only gate this link doesn’t have that I encountered was water (which had Lagon isle type mobs). Furthermore, I haven’t encountered an acid/poison gate, or a sacrificial/cultist gate yet. If this link is correct (except for missing the water/Lagon gate), there are a total of 13 different gate types. As I accumulate more data I’ll post the total numbers again in a new reply.

gate/mob type || # of gates completed || did it drop loot? (yes or no)

water/Lagon || 4 || yes
sun/osprey || 1 || yes
cold/ice || 2 || no
ash/fire || 2 || no
wild/animals || 2 || no
storm/lightning || 3 || no
chitin/insects || 3 || no
vile/rot || 1 || no
savage/wengari || 2 || no
soul/imperial || 1 || no
void/void || 3 || no
acid/poison || 0 || ?
sacrificial/cultist || 0 || ?


Thanks a lot for this! By the looks of it I don’t think gates are supposed to drop any loot.

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