Locking in Mastery Feels Bad

Like? I read the same stuff over and over from people who are against it. I come up with conclusions and examples of middlegrounds just to read that broken record again. I guss my perception is flawed :smiley: .

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Well, tbh, it IS a yes/no question.
There are players that don’t want mastery respec and remain unconvinced by the arguments here (some will probably remain unconvinced no matter what the arguments are).
There are players that want mastery respec and remain unconvinced by the arguments here (some will probably remain unconvinced no matter what the arguments are).

But in the end there is only black and white: should mastery be respeccable or not. The only real grey area in this issue is “I don’t really care either way”. Any other is either a yay or nay.

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Well I already gave a VERY strong reason as to why the suggestion would be bad for the game. I do not know what else you expect?

What’s the main reason for having this? People can’t be bothered levelling an alt??? That’s no reason. That’s pure laziness. It takes less than 8 hours to level an Alt and you can quit the campaign at Tundra and have all the rewards. These people are playing the wrong game.


Happy New Year, folks :slight_smile: and a Happy New Year to the Devs, too! :slight_smile:

This and people can have different opinions on how they love to play.
I notice some people being pretty aggressive on different views. EHG can decide what they want.

That doesn’t mean people can say what they would prefer.
This is how EHG can figure out what the playerbase likes and if they want to change/add it within their vision. Nothing wrong with that imo.

I like the system as it it but just like Path of exile i would love to see something like an Orb of regret. Also if it is a one time change i would love to see it.
I also had many characters ending up in the bin since i expected something else with the mastery and certain skills.

What i do love however is how the campaign lets you choose sub quests to finish your Idol and passive completion for endgame.
Also letting us stop earlier to go endgame is something i love about LE. Because of this i can faster try the other masterie.

I do agree however with the OP. Often it feels like a waste of time to relevel just for the other masterie, especially because of my playstyle on trying many own hipster builds. I’ll rather change things faster to test things out. I would prefer less leveling so i can focus on that part mostly, which is the most fun to me. I do get that everybody loves something else so it’s not about me.

All in all i still think the leveling time is quite fair in LE, which makes masterie lock (for me) a lesser big deal. This is a big compliment coming from me since i hate leveling and i still find leveling 20 alts a slog. Also in cycles i rather play more different things instead of stopping because i don’t want to level (just personal opinion). I still hope EHG will add a 1 time regret or a middle ground for people who hate leveling.

my 2 cents and guys, lets just accept that we have different opinions about how we like the game to be. Just like all the other things in live. I will respect everything EHG chooses and i already love this game.

I feel like this on certain topics and answers as well (ill probably do this as well sometimes), so i do understand your reaction.
This is why i stopped talking for a while on the forum. People don’t have to agree but sometimes its way to black and white and a bit aggressive because people like a different play style or have a different vision.

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The biggest thing you have to realize about this game is that it does not scrutinizingly punish the player for experimenting and taking their time. The only time anything is urgent is when the player chooses to make it so.

I encourage you to experiment more, though, because there are absolutely skill combinations in this game that outperform others while leveling, even the “bread and butter class skill”

Then as a Paladin, why are you allowing to put points into 50% of the 2 other masteries?
It does not make sense.

They could’ve also set it up that the ‘base’ class has the half of every specialized class in their UI… but that wouldn’t be very easy to look through and make the distinct half only unlocked by choosing said mastery seem miniscule in comparison.

It’s solely done for the sake of build variety and very build defining skills only happen to be on the second half after all, the theme visible beforehand but not in any way of a ‘hard specialization’ yet.