Legendary Potential items are not searchable in stash

“potential” does not higlight Legendary Potential items in stash.


Yes, and neither does “Legendary.”

Yeah, the legendary potential property is not indexed yet.

“Legendary” highlights completed legendary items.

And that’s cool and good, but when your searching for those with LP…

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Best you can do is name and highlight a stash for these items. As for me I have 40 stashes of absolute random junk in no order whatsoever, so it took me 30 minutes to find a belt with 2 LP in order to try and craft it. Lucky it rolled t6 HP and t5 flat HP xD .

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I hope they will add this aswell, i noticed the same thing so i had to hover over all my uniques haha. Now i made a special stash for it despite only having 2 of them :wink:

Learn from the Master Hoarder!



Yesss yesss now slowly hand it over to me :japanese_ogre:

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I did a thing!

Not sure if it’ll be in the next hotfix or not but we’re working on it.

It also will respond to search terms like “2 legen” to see only things with 2 legendary potential. No regex yet though haha.


It’s so tidy and organized it actually makes me crige :rofl: .

Thats the reason why i play 90% SSF …

Thats the way i want my stash to look (i even set up the categories and tabs…) and mikes pictures is the way those tabs look !

If you manage to add in a KI that sorts my stash like a good cleaning fairy ill buy the MTX for 100 $ ! @EHG_Mike

Still waiting for your voice pack MTX mate. The Man from Del Monte even said yes!

and you even used the icons!!!

need need need stash

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