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Legendary Chimaera´s Essence not working? + suggestions to change it


I noticed two Things with Chimaera´s Essence. First, the lvl requirement. Since the shifting abilities unlock, with quest passive Points, at around lvl 28 (35 passive Points required) - why is the Amulett a lvl 4 legendary?

I came to that question because, now having leveled to lvl 54, I barely notice it making any difference damage wise. Neither on the spreadsheet-tab of my character, nor when testing in Damage.

My swipe does 3,5k-4,5k most of the time. That Damage doesnt rise when I put on the Amulett averagely, but it does rise when I´m using a crafted amulett that increases my damage directly (+crit chance/multiplier, +physical damage).

I dont know how it has been lvl 30-50, because I never thought of changing the Amulett because of its awesome bonuses. Now I tested it to see whether I will Keep it or use a crafted one, and it seems to make Nothing at all. So im not sure whether it has had any considerable effects lvl 30-50 either.

If it is intented to work like this, and it indeed shouldnt make any difference at all high Level, I would then suggest making it actually a viable amulett later on for shapeshifters, Either increase Damage (or fix the Damage increase not working - the result could be the same).

Otherwise I would make the damage at least worthwhile, and add a "when below 50% (or 30%) mana, the damagebonus is doubled/trippled or something like that . That would still make it worthwhile for both characters, while being a more viable/interesting choice later on and maybe also playstyle-wise making a difference.

Alternatively it could be split into different Amuletts, for different purposes (I would like that!).

E.g. the example above, which could also be something like "+3% dmg for each 1% of mana missing while shapeshifted

An alternative idea for a second legendary:

Chimaera´s tribe:

base Affix:

  • +% minion dmg,
  • +% minion crit Chance


  • While shapeshifted, minions deal +150% Damage
  • Your spells and attacks deal 10% less Damage
  • Your minions use their active abilities when attacking (with twice the cooldown their abilities would regularily have, e.g. wolf howl from 6s to 12s CD)

Other additional ideas, that would eventually Need to be looked at whether they`d still be balanced when added or combined with the above:

  • Your minions have +30% increase to attack and cast speed and +20% increased movement speed, but you have -15% increased attack and cast speed and -10% increased movement speed
  • Your minions are 20% larger and draw attention 25% better

Chimaeras Dream:

base Affix stats:
+25 mana
+15% base spell Damage


  • While shapeshifted, you have +40% base spell Damage and +60% increase to spell Damage
  • While shapeshifted, you have +25% increased attack and cast speed
  • While shapeshifted, you gain +25% critical strike chance and +25% critical strike Multiplier with spells.
  • While shapeshifted, you leech 3% of spell damage dealt as Health.
  • While shapeshifted, you have 40% less armor and 15% less protections and you cant dodge attacks anymore (0% dodge chance).

To bring some diversity for shapeshifters to choose between! :slight_smile:

Can’t speak to your more complicated suggestions, but as for not noticing the damage increase in its current form, might it be because the item is bugged and only works if you’ve unequipped and reequipped it since logging in?

If you haven’t been doing that, it would definitely explain why you’re not noticing the damage increase - it isn’t happening! Try taking the amulet off and putting it back on, then shifting again.

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