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Last Epoch Early Access Trailer (Updated) is a W3 Award Winner!

Winner at the 2020 W3 Awards in partnership with Winter Fox Trailers, the Last Epoch Early Access trailer has been updated with the latest and greatest gameplay that you can experience in the World of Eterra today!



(And first! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it @Dobster and @Heavy).

What are the w3 awards?

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I hate you too.

Great updated Trailer, really shows what the game has to offer!"

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very nice, seems to do a good job of showing off all the classes and various environments!

one small thing, some of the brighter scenes seem to have the “washed out” look that i associate with the earlier stages of development of the game. maybe it hasn’t improved as much as i think it has in game, but the video made the ancient era look far less lush than it is in my mind’s eye.

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Lookst realy cool

Time to up my game lol.
Acid flask sound is so satisfyingly definitely needs to make its way into the next one.

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