Last Epoch and Unity pricing updates

If you need both hands, then your head should also be involved, and not worrying about coffee. Maybe the car manufacturer should have been a defendant in the case for lack of cupholder accessibility? :slight_smile:

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True, very surprising they didn’t sue the car manufacturer as well to fish for a few more bucks.
We’ve seen far sillier cases winning in court…

[To be fair, the decision was later reversed by a higher court. But it is still hilarious that she won in the first instance.]

Reddit still sees it as a trap.

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Yeah that was the same rebuttal when WotC dropped that OGL debacle. One way or another they will definitely get their :dollar::yen::moneybag::euro::pound:

Reddit sees everything as a trap, because Reddit doesn’t understand the difference between skepticism and pessimism.


And nuance and potentially context.

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