Issues I encountered and concerns I had while playing

I’m going to have two sections, the first are items that I feel need to be addressed/corrected prior to this game being fully released and things that would be nice to have.

Items that need to be addressed/corrected:

  • You should be able to right click equip a 2H weapon just like other items, but if you have an offhand equipped, it won’t let you. You have to un-equip the OH to swap to the 2H.

  • Similar issue for rings, you can’t auto-equip to the 2nd slot at all. Nor can you compare the 2nd ring slot either.

  • There’s a lot of buffs and things that stack, but lack any sort of buff icon. Some things have it, like the Mage’s Static ability, but the Sentinel stances for instance only have a visual on the character. So it’s just inconsistent. Basically, there just needs to be a thorough sweep to ensure all buffs are accounted for and provide some track-ability (e.g. buff icon, counters on the skill icon etc).

  • The Rust Lands zone during the Imperial Era has an icon for a waypoint, however, I scoured the entire zone (twice) and I did not see it?

  • The loot filter toggle does not work or it does not work correctly. If I have no filter selected, hitting the loot filter toggle “enables”, but nothing happens. When I let go of the toggle button it swaps back to “disabled”. On the opposite side, if I already have a loot filter selected from the filter menu and hit the toggle button, it will disable the filter, but upon release of the button goes right back to enabled. So it only partially works and it’s not a toggle, but a hold button.

  • This may be an early access/ beta feature only, but if I can use the forge anywhere then why even have forges in rest areas? Either make it so we can only forge at the forges or (more preferably) give the rest area forges a boon that makes them desirable; like less instability gain or higher chance to have a superior forge or something like that.

  • Shards: in the forge window, the shard list is very generic. This is problematic for a few options that have an “added” effect and an “increased” effect. For instance, health. It shows up twice in the list because there are two separate effects and you don’t know which is which without either A) memorizing the colors of the shards (which is obviously not something a player should have to do) or B) hovering over the shard each time to determine if it’s the “added” or the “increased” effect. EDIT: I’m dumb, someone pointed out there is a descriptor next to each shard that states “added” or “increased”. So this is kinda moot, but leaving for posterity.

  • The lack of transparency on the DPS for minions/companions/totems is kind of annoying. for example, how much DPS is my storm totem doing, how can I know what is a damage upgrade for it without some measure of knowing its damage capability?

  • Primalist ability Leap with Pack Leader specialization skill - the companion only leaps with you if you were already in combat. They should leap regardless of your combat status. I mostly use leap to get INTO combat, if the pets have to run to follow up it makes it completely pointless.

  • Right now uniques don’t feel very…unique. They have different artwork in your inventory sure, but their abilities are just buffed up abilities you can put on rare and exalted items (for the most part), so like what’s the point? Diablo 3 on release had a very similar issue (at least you avoided their mistake of making them sooooo rare it was pointless) where they were not any better than rares and oftentimes worse. I think that will need to be addressed, half the fun of ARPGs like this is seeing those shiny drops and getting some cool loot. Set items have a similar issue too, at least for the ones I have found so far.

Next, here are some thoughts/ideas that would be nice to have:

  • The waystone map should have some ability to adjust size, taking up nearly the whole screen is a little annoying.

  • The zoom speed on the waystone map is “slow”? I have to spin my scroll wheel like a thousand times to zoom in or out (obvious exaggeration just trying to highlight the issue). It’s also a little frustrating that it always resets to a default state instead of remembering where it was last time I opened it.

  • When I have the inventory screen open I should be able to pick an item up from the ground and hold on my cursor, I can go the other way by holding something from inventory before dropping it to the ground.

  • There should be a respawn timer when you go through a town portal. Going to town and coming right back only to have all the mobs respawned is kind of annoying.

  • For set pieces, it would be nice to know which slots each pieces of the set takes up that way you know what you’re looking for without needing to do some google search or something.

  • It would be nice if there were an option to mass pick up idols like shards and glyphs and such.

  • Having an ability to either A) swap gear sets (like Diablo 3) or B) just swapping weapons (like Grim Dawn and Path of Exile) would be a nice addition. Generally you want good AOE ability damage for all the trash, but on bosses you may want more single target focus so option B would be the preferred choice.

  • Arboreal Circuit Ring - The illusory tree is great, but its taunt range is HUGE. It’s actually a little annoying because mobs will run right by me to get to it and it slows down the good ole monster killin’ process.

  • Once we select our mastery, the time rift to the forgotten realm stays open. Is there really a need for that since I cannot change my mastery? Will there be some future need for it and that’s why it remains open? It just clutters and runs the risk of a mis-click ESPECIALLY since the time rift to start the Imperial Era arc opens right next to it.

  • The hammer throw ability feels super dinky. Like I LOVED hammerdins in D2, but the hammer throw in this game feels so silly that I can’t find it in myself to actually go that route. I feel like I’m tossing inflatable hammers around.

  • Options for colorblind mode or similar? This thought really just came from the fact that the background on the wolf companion is green and so is their health bar so it was difficult to see. So really, this is kinda two comments in one. Change the wolf companion background so you can distinctly see the health bar and consider colorblind options.

  • At some point having randomly generated maps would be a great add. I recognize this was probably a conscious design decision early on to not spend resources on it, so maybe something to look into as an end game add-on down the road.

I know that may not be in the most organized fashion, I was mostly writing notes to myself as I was playing through of issues I found or things that bothered me. I tried not to compare my experience with LE to other similar games (D2/3, POE, Grim Dawn) too much, but rather look at it on its own merits. I’ve definitely been enjoying the game as it is so far and not needing to identify items is AWESOME, I’ve always found that so unnecessary.

Finally, and this is something of a spoiler for anyone reading who may not have played through the all of the available campaign so far, so fair warning: I really, really hope the end of the game doesn’t turn into a cliched temporal paradox situation where WE are the cause of the ruined era because of our meddling through time. I just thought you devs should know that would be a very disappointing outcome to this otherwise great storyline.

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First of, welcome to the LE community!

Very good feedback.

Just some quick thoughts on some stuff i either agree, disagree or just wanted to note something.

This is a very big topic, that rises quite a few times regularly.

I always like to ask people giving that question a counter question.
If you see certain buffs, would that change your decision making (on aproaching enemies or changing your skill rotation) or generally would a certain buff change how you play?

I know there are alot of skills, where this is indeed the case and i agree that some of those are totally legit to receive a buff icon.

There are alot of buffs that fall into the category “would be nice tosee them”, but they don’t change how you play, since you either have them up 24/7 or if they are a iregular proc, they are not impactful enough to even change your rotation.

Seeing those buffs would just unecessarily overload the UI.
So EHG will be very carefull with giving all the different things an icon, but we jsut received a handful of new buff icons just with the latest patch, so i am sure this topic is still on their radar.

I am just about to create a thread giving very specific feedback about some buffs that need a indicator of some sort, i will post the link here in an edit

This is the intended behavior. I actually never tried using the toggle function, when no loot filter is selected.

But press & hold the button to manually disble the loot filter temporarily is intended.

Not 100% sure, but this might be as a “tutorial” of somesorts, because of the first craftign quest involbing going to the forge in the Outcast Camp.
Most of the hub areas that ahve a forge not got reworked in a long time, let’s see what will happen here.

this is a good suggestion, giving some hints in the actual name of the shards would be great QoL

The tooltip dps feature is still very new and i am pretty sure it will be expanded upon.

This is also a very common discussed topic, may i ask how much did you play already and how many uniques did you already find?

I wouldn’t argue that every single unique item is really unique, but for me it seems peopel giving unique items in this game way too less credits.

This game has some of the cooldest unique/set items ever.
There are alot of low/mid level uniques that are not as exciting

I don’t understand this?

Do you say Unqiues are just “stack-sticks”?

I strongly disagree, whiel some uniques might be, they more often than not have set, that are not available on the given slot for example or the have "just powerfull stats"m but soem kind of trade-off you need to work around, which makes them unqieu enough for me already.

One of the reasons, why most people seem to not like Uniques in this game is the fact, that most of them are very niche/specific.

If you find a random unique, the chances that they fit into your build are very very slim.
So it might not feel as exciting.

But the fact that they are so specific is a huuuuuge plus for me personally

This is a technical limitation and will be solved close to or with multiplayer release.

I disagree, this is of course a very subjective topic, but that would spoil all the loot exitment.

While this might be helpful at early7mid levels, you will never use this for endgame.
Idols are the most specific gear slots and you will always want to loot very specific ones at some point.

I don’t like that at all, even ignore ing the fact, that due to skilsl snapshotting weapon or gear swap are OP AF, i just don’t like the idea fo swappign gear at all.

The fact that you need to design yoru build around dealing with AoE and singletarget is part of the fun, you either try to get both in very good or your build will excel at one of those.

Choices are always great!

Most of the singletarget or AoE capabiltiies from a build will come from your active skills and skill spec trees anyway, gear swapping would not drastically change that.

I am pretty sure this is on their radar. Inclusion is always a big topic in all sort of media.

I am pretty sure it will come eventually, but it’s probably a mater of priority and ressources, since they might want to wait implementing it until more game systems are in place.

But that’s obviously just an assumption, maybe it will come sooner than we think.

This is on their radar, but the tech for that is not implemented. (This tech requires huuuge amounts of work most probably)

All that’s being said, all the points i don’t touched i just don’t have any opinion about or it already got adressed quiet a few times and will eventually come (like ring/weapon comparison).

Why would you want to take away “forge anywhere” access? It allows you to break down items, which helps manage backpack space in the field, since many complain about the re-population of zones if you go back to town (which will change later). The forge in camp is a nice aesthetic and for the first time player helps direct them to the forging system when the quest is given. This seems overly nit-picky. It may slightly affect immersion, but requiring players to go to town every time they want to maximize the forging system would be an overall punishment.

I agree to an extent if you’re talking about unique weapons. But, unique armor and jewelry provide some effects you cannot get anywhere else. Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living/Shroud of Obscurity allows for low life builds. Orian’s Eye allows you to ignore Void Protection/Resistance. The Claw/Fang help summoners maximize wolf builds. Legacy of the Quiet Forest provides for perma Spriggan. There are other examples of uniques that help define/maximize certain builds.

Certain unique weapons are build defining. Undisputed is one of the best main hand weapons in the game, particularly for builds that leech. Reach of the Grave is BiS for many Necromancer builds. I read a post a week about gamble rates on Smoke Weaver. So, I think your evaluation of Uniques needs revision.

Plus, unique isn’t even the top tier. Eventually, there will be Legendary items.

But there’s a text just to the right of the shard name. It 's just in small size font. - ‘added’ or ‘increased’. Added is flat and increased is %. Easy

how in the hell did I not notice that! Maybe it’s new? Anyway, you’re right lol.

Don’t judge a skill until you 've invested at least 10 points into it :smiley: that was my mistake too. Look how cool hammers can be in boardman21’s build - An S Tier Hammerdin? Yes Please! Here ya go 0.8.1c

besides there 're uniques that make skills play quite different. For example, there’s a helmet in LE that allows casting Elemental Nova (Mage’s skill) at target. Pretty cool

With all that said I can agree with you on most of the points you’ve made. Good feedback and suggestions bro!

That’s why I was offering an alternative. I don’t think the forge ability should be removed from being used anywhere, however it makes the city forges redundant and pointless. That’s why I offered the advice of, hey maybe give an advantage to using the city forge vs the anywhere forge.

It’s an alternative in name only though. If the “boon” is in-town only, then “forge anywhere” is effectively restricted to town-only. The only compromise that would make sense is to allow you to shatter items in the field, but improve them in town. Still, I think that restriction is overly onerous with very little +lore benefit.

Indeed, there are buffs that don’t need an icon and I am not even necessarily saying an icon is the correct fix in all situations. Here, I’ll continue with my sentinel stance example. This could just be a highlighted border around the ability showing it’s enabled. No icon required.

Here’s an example where one would be beneficial: Marksman’s Multishot ability with the Back to Back and/or Repeater Bow skill points. I could count out how many times I’ve use the ability before the double hit is going to proc, but that’s kind of a pain plus if I’m pathing to the next mob I may end up forgetting where I was at. I’d like to use the double proc as certain points perhaps. and again, could be a counter on the ability rather than a separate icon. I originally was making notes of the various skills where an indicator of some sort was warranted, but it got a bit unwieldy so I just lumped it into that generic statement I made. I just want to make clear there are other ways of providing indications of buffs and skills besides additional icons.

I did consider leaving this comment out because I admittedly haven’t pushed through end game stuff all that far. my highest character is only lvl 63 at the moment (I just got the game a week ago) and I’m playing the various classes and builds. So this does come with some ignorance, but even then the low level items are just meh. The only one I’ve gotten so far that I really like is Torch of the Pontifex.

To use an example, I have “The Invoker’s Static Touch” Ring. So is the set named “The Invoker”? or is it “The Invoker’s Static Touch”? Based on the set bonuses it seems like the other set items might have different effects (as the 3 piece gives bonus to fire, lightning and cold) so it’s probably the latter right? That part is confusing, so knowing the true name of the set would be nice. And back to my original comment, I have the ring, I assume there’s only 2 other pieces (as the highest set bonus is 3), but is that really true? Maybe it has 4 pieces and gives it greater customization. But I won’t know that unless I got all the pieces. I can understand some loot “excitement”, but at the end of the day, people are just going to use data-mined information to know what those set pieces are. Another point, I can set my loot filters better if I know what slot the pieces of gear go in. Maybe I don’t want to see all set items, maybe I just want to focus on a particular set.

Agree on that point, that’s why I was trying to word it in a way to say that it could be a configurable option and one that would hopefully work with the loot filter too, though I know that might make it tricky.

Agree to disagree.

It’s still not. Your point of being able to shatter in the field is definitely a good reason to keep. If I’m doing high level maps, I’m not gonna stop halfway through to upgrade some gear. I’m going to wait until I’m done. That will put me back in a rest area. So I would, as you say, still effectively be using the forge in town only. Now, however, say I am leveling a new character. I don’t necessarily care about getting the absolute best out of upgrades, maybe I just want to upgrade this one piece right quick and move on. I’ll out-level it soon anyway, so I can use that quick and easy forge anywhere option.

I’m genuinely curious why you want the forging system changed in this way at all. If it’s for immersion and roleplaying purposes, can’t you just self-restrict yourself to forging in town and leave the system as is for those who want to use it anywhere? Eventually, all new players learn you can hotkey the forge, so I don’t see a physical manifestation of it in town as a hindrance to that concept.


Stances will get either removed entirely or get combien into one majro aura at some point, from what the devs hitned at.
There are no major plans of supporting stances, since they don#t contribute to gameplay and are simply not intereting enough

So simply making more clear, what the item name and what the set name is, would be already enough to statisfy you?
Without spoiling the names of the other items or which item types they are?

I think that would be enough.

That’s fine, I’m just using it as an example. The focus isn’t on an individual ability, it’s on approach to clarity.

It would be a start, but no. And again, it’s just a nice to have, it doesn’t break the game or anything.

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It’s completely redundant and pointless. Why leave useless features in a game? Either do something with them or remove it.

That’s cool if this is no a game-breaker for you.

But i do find it interesting, that we can discuss such nuance… i really like having discussions about totally subtle stuff like this.

Maybe if this really is a big thing for some people, they could implement a “spoiler” inside the item/set desciption.
And you only can see other set items name’s/slots when you press and hold a specific button (similar to use ctrl and/or alt)

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