Invisible weapon: Humming Bee when as offhand

What went wrong?
After yesterday’s patch 0.9.1 the unique sword Humming Bee is not visible if it is wielded in your left hand.
The haste effect still procs and I think I am getting the same ward as before, so it must be working, just not appearing visually.

Exalted swords and other unique swords don’t have this problem, at least those I tried.

Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable

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I have the same issue. dual wielding as a Spellblade.

It is possible that verifying your game files in steam might fix this issue. Please let me know if you continue having this issue after verifying your files!

Hi, I validated them and it’s still the same.
I also was playing with someone else and he couldn’t see it as my offhand either.

We’ve reproduced the issue and will work on a fix. Thanks for the report!

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