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How to get my kickstarter perks - more than a year waiting

I am a kickstarter supporter. I started with the Traveler pack then upgraded to the Pathfinder.

I got my key and I am playing the game, BUT all the other perks are not connect to my account. All the perks are the ones from the Traveler tier and not the Pathfinder ones.

I have open 2 tickets and still no solution. The last one was more then a year but now. The last email was 2 months ago but still no solution to the problem.

How can I fix this or what email, page, etc do I need to send a request?

I have reinstall the game, verified the steam files, send my logs to the support email, on request, and still nothing.

Any help is welcome.

Best, Club

Hi there,

We apologize for the delay. I have taken a look at your account and found the missing items. Those that are currently available have been granted. There are several that are currently unavailable as they have not yet been released. You should be receiving a support ticket shortly to explain this more thoroughly.


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